The City of Mason, Ohio is Building a New 900-Seat, 50-Meter Pool

by Isabella Fratesi 32

November 04th, 2019 Industry, Lifestyle, News

The city of Mason, Ohio has begun the production of a major aquatic facility, one that will change the tide of swimming in the Southwest region of Ohio. The $20 million facility will have three pools: a “splash” pool, a leisure pool, and a 10 lane 50 meter/ 20 lane 25 yard competition pool. The aquatic center will seat 900 people, making it capable of  hosting high-level competitive events.

The goal of the facility is to cater to swimmers of all ages and abilities. The three pools provide different opportunities to athletes and non-athletes alike to use the water as a tool for healthy and competitive lifestyles. 

Generic aerial layout of the new facility (Courtesy: City of Mason, Ohio)

The Mason Manta Rays is the swim team that will practice in the aquatic center. The Mason Manta Rays is a USA Swimming Gold Medal Club and is currently the highest ranked team in the country that does not have a 50-meter pool. The Manta Rays have been represented at every Olympic Trials since 2008 and will be sending 11 athletes to the 2020 Trials, including teenage brothers Carson Foster (a member of the USA Swimming National Team) and Jake Foster (a member of the USA Swimming Junior National Team). Mason Manta Rays swim coach, Ken Heis, emphasizes the importance of training in a 50-meter pool, remarking that it is what the best swimmers in the world do. 

Heis is excited for the opportunities that the facility will provide to swimmers, “We are excited [that] the city and A Matter of 50 Meters wants to create an environment where even more swimmers have the opportunity to achieve Olympic dreams”

A matter of 50 Meters is a program that is helping the city of Mason accumulate $5 million in funding for the project. A Matter of 50 Meters Chair, Kathy Fish, says of the project, “The new aquatic center… will make a difference for swimmers and be a true asset for the Southwestern Ohio swimming community.”

This facility will help the region of Southwestern Ohio economically by potentially garnering revenue from programs such as Masters’ swimming and Triathlon training, as well as Special Olympics and Paralympics events.

It is the dream of the city of Mason to help support athletes on the track to Olympic aspirations, and its new aquatic facility is the first step in making that goal a reality.


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Joyce Rivers

As part of the fundraising, I am trying to get a tile in my daughter’s name. Donte here if you’d like to help the cause.


As a taxpayer I am not excited about an additional playpen for a few kids. They already have a nice pool


Get off my lawn?


No, just get out of my wallet

I don’t like narrow use projects funded at public trough

The pool doesn’t make olympians

The Screaming Viking!

…and I don’t like when swim teams rally the community to build a pool, and then it gets hijacked (by a few idiots in a position to make the big decisions,) to be nothing but a play pool, cutting out the people who will actually use it and care the most about it. I have seen several communities do this: 1. the swim team helps raise awareness and money. 2. Then the plans get changed at the last minute so it ends up being a 4-lane, 22 yard pool that can’t host a meet. 3. Then people wonder why the facility can’t sustain operations and why the hundreds of swim team families aren’t excited about having a new pool and… Read more »


Better to have kids just play with dirt or run the streets. This is the reason we can’t have nice things.


What an obtuse statement

U don’t seem to understand

Build a freaking Taj Mahal if u want with your own money

Don’t spend my tax dollars on exotic pool complexes when they already have one!

U a mason manta ray club officer?


Not a mason manta ray officer, but thanks for playing. Just someone who wants to see the sport thrive and kids have a good pool. And maybe a community that has something to be proud of. I’ll get off your lawn now. Or maybe you get off mine?


We already have a nice tax-payer funded pool

If u want another then privately fund it

Clearly u don’t see the limited resources in public projects

Kelly Anchrum


The 50-meter competition pool is being supported by the City of Mason and A Matter of 50 Meters is fundraising to offset the cost of the competition pool with private dollars. This will not impact taxes for Mason residents.

Finally, the competition pool is a community asset and will expand opportunities to bring this life skill to more residents.


@DOCONC People who complain about tax money are trivial. You are going to pay taxes no matter what. Why not spend them on something fun like a pool. Relax, have a drink and go float your troubles away. Don’t be an old scrooge.


We don’t care about making olympians. It will keep youth busy, occupied and out of trouble. That’s worth way more and every last cent!


Really, , then move to another community if you don’t want nice things in Mason!


Couple things you should be aware of: 1. This project will bring millions upon millions of dollars to the city of Mason in the coming years. The economic stimulus of hosting big meets, especially in the summer will encourage spending in local businesses, restaurants and hotels. ECON101 for you Doc. 2. While the mason pool is currently nice, it is too small for the size of the team. Most kids swim in lanes of 5-10 people (including the top group). If you know anything about swimming, it’s that you cannot train to your fullest in overcrowded lanes. 3. This project will not impact the lives of a “few kids”. Mason’s team is already north of 300 swimmers, with many many… Read more »


You clearly have no background in economics. Study after study proves there is no sustained benefits to large projects such as pools, stadiums, etc. The dollars are fungible.

A Matter if 50 Meters

[email protected]