Teri McKeever Replaces Jim Wood On USA Swimming Board of Directors

Prior to the passing of Jim WoodUSA Swimming’s National Team Steering Committee had elected Teri McKeever as its chair and representative on USA Swimming’s Board of Directors.

USA Swimming says that change was made in November. McKeever becomes the first woman in USA Swimming history to hold the title of chair with the National Team Steering Committee. The steering committee is a collection of mostly coach and athlete representatives who oversee USA Swimming’s National Team program.

USA Swimming’s site says the committee has a maximum of 10 members, though more ‘ex-officio’ members can be added as well. USA Swimming provided the following list of names who are on the steering committee as of January 2019:

Name Role
Allison Beebe Coach – Santa Clara Swim Club
Bob Bowman Coach – Arizona State University
Carol Capitani Coach – University of Texas
Dave Durden Coach – University of California
Bruce Gemmell Coach – Nation’s Capital Swim Club
David Marsh Coach – University of San Diego
Teri McKeever Coach – University of California
Chris Plumb Coach – Carmel Swim Club
Dave Salo
Coach – University of Southern California
Greg Troy Coach – Gator Swim Club
Catherine Vogt
Coach – University of Southern California
Matt Barbini National Team Director of Performance
Carli Brashier
International Games Operations Manager
Mitch Dalton National Junior Team Director
Tim Hinchey USA Swimming CEO
Tom Kremen Chair of Sports Medicine Committee
Lindsay Mintenko National Team Managing Director
Christine Magnuson Athletes Committee Representative
Russell Mark High Performance Consultant
Keenan Robinson High Performance Director
Mike Unger USA Swimming COO
Jon Urbanchek National Team Technical Director

Bowman and Marsh make the list by being the Olympic head coaches from the last quad. Meehan and Durden make the committee both for being the 2017 World Championships head coaches as well as the newly-named 2020 Olympic head coaches.

11 names are current coaches, while 11 more are various officials with USA Swimming and/or the National Team Division.

McKeever joins the Board of Directors as one of four women. Based on USA Swimming’s website, as of September 2018, the Board was made up of the following:

  • Dale Ammon, Western Zone Director (Non-Coach)
  • John Bradley, Central Zone Director (Coach)
  • Chris Brearton*, At-Large
  • Natalie Coughlin Hall, Athlete Representative
  • Maya DiRado, Athlete Representative
  • Dr. Cecil Gordon, At-Large
  • John Roy, Southern Zone Director (Coach)
  • Jim Sheehan, 2014-2018 Chair of the Board
  • Jeanette Skow*, At-Large
  • Davis Tarwater, Athlete Representative
  • Jay Thomas, At-Large
  • Mary Turner, Eastern Zone Director (Non-Coach)
  • Tom Ugast, At-Large
  • Bob Vincent, At-Large
  • Teri McKeever, National Team Steering Committee Chair

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Bob Sommers
2 years ago

It’s about time!! Congrats Teri McKeever!!

Jambo Sana
2 years ago

That’s a good add. Not sure what I think about Salo being on the list. Too many PED athletes from his program.

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