Talking Professional Swimming with David Marsh

by Garrett McCaffrey 3

September 27th, 2012 Club, News

David sat down with Garrett McCaffrey to discuss everything from Team USA’s performance in London to College Recruiting season. In this portion of the interview we discuss the topic of professional swimming. After you hear David’s perspective on what it takes to support a professional swimming career these days and what he thinks could happen in the future to possibly support a pro swim league here in the states, make sure to vote in our SwimSwam Poll of the Week:

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I don’t think people in the US would have enough patience to sit an watch a whole swim meet, especially if it’s the typical 3-day set up like club meets. However, if there was a Duel League, I feel like more people would have the patience for it. Those meets are typically only a couple of hours long. Also with the high school meet layout, that would retain people even longer since those are shorter races, the 500 being the longest race.

So though there may not be enough popularity for a PSL that would run like club meets, I think there could be hope for a Duel style meet league.


Maybe the high school order of events?


Whatever format they choose, it should be team-points oriented. Thats why pan pacs are fun because the focus is not so much the individual results as its contribution to the teams total points. It’s so much more exciting this way. Also, it directs the focus away from race times and breaking world records. The casual swim fan won’t understand why these times may not approach Olympic/world champ times. Also if these events are televised, the WR/AR/CR times on the screen should be removed. By simply having it visible to the audience, viewers will be slightly disappointed because race times didn’t (possibly) approach those record times. Instead focus should be on the individual race itself. If anything, the fastest time swam… Read more »

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