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10 Awkward Moments Swimmers Experience

Swimmers treat their team like a family, albeit a dysfunctional family. As with any close-knit group of well-meaning people, awkward moments will ensue.


10 Words That Have a Completely Different Meaning to Swimmers

There is no doubt that swimming, like any sport, has its own specialized vocabulary. But there are also some everyday words that have a completely different meaning to swimmers.


6 Things You Can Learn From An Age Group Swimmer

Maturing as a swimmer is great. As you get older, you figure out your best events, make your best friends in the sport, develop your race strategies, and discover which type of coaching style works best for you. But that doesn’t mean you won’t ever feel wistful for your days as an age group swimmer.


5 Things Swimmers Can Be Thankful For

I think we all know that there is a lot more to swimming than the day-in-day-out of practices with the occasional best time. Here are five things swimmers in particular can be thankful for:


10 Things You Only See at a Para Swim Meet

Paralympic swimmers have the same objective as any other swimmer: to get to the wall first. But there are also some very exclusive things you won’t see at any other type of swim competition…


Swim Job: Grinnell College seeks Diving Coach

Grinnell College is currently seeking an energetic, motivated, and well-organized diving coach to work in our Bear Recreation and Athletic Center.

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Swim Job: Grinnell College seeks Diving Coach

Grinnell is an NCAA Division III member institution and participates in the Midwest Conference (MWC).

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10 Great Swimming Pools In Action This College Conference Season

This is one of the most exciting times of the year for swimming, especially if you are a college swimmer. If you’re fortunate enough to be attending a college conference swim meet this season, there is a good chance you will be at one of our pools.


10 Telltale Signs You Have a Swimmer’s Body

Has a stranger ever said, “Let me guess, you’re a swimmer?” There are so many telltale giveaways we spend most of our time in a swimming pool.