Szekely wins twice on final night of Tom Dolan

Allie Szekely took home two more wins to cap off a great weekend for her at the Tom Dolan Invite. The 15-year-old took home wins in the 200 back and 200 IM on the night, going 1:54.37 to win the backstroke by a solid 4 seconds. The 200 IM was a bit closer, with Szekely’s 2:00.34 just about a second faster than second-place Reni Moshos.

Other double winners were Alexandra Walsh, Jalen Ramjohn and Cassidy Bayer.

Walsh won twice in the 11-12 age bracket. She went 58.30 in the 100 IM to win easily, and also added a 57.17 100 fly win. Ramjohn competed in the same age group, winning the same events, only on the boys side. Ramjohn went 56.63 in the 100 IM and 56.08 in the 100 fly. Bayer won a pair of 13-14 events a day after breaking a National Age Group record in the 200 fly. She went 51.08 to win the 100 free and 2:01.44 in the 200 IM.

Janet Hu won the 100 free in the open age class, going a very fast 48.25. The open 1000s went to  Brian Tsau (9:13.91)  and Megan Byrnes (9:50.74). Other winners in the Open events were Grant Goddard (200 back, 1:48.61), James Jones (100 free, 44.80) and Conrad Zamparello (200 IM, 1:51.32).

Camryn Curry won the girls 200 back for the 13-14 age group in 2:02.02. The boys winner was Jacob Johnson in 1:53.88. Johnson was second in the 100 free to Jake Sannem, who went 46.98. Lane Stone won the 13-14 1000 free in 9:44.36 and David Dixon took the 200 IM in 1:53.54. On the girls side, the 1000 free went to Madison Homovich in 9:45.39.

The 11-12 200 free went to Katie Mack in 1:56.48. The girls 1000 went to Julia Byrnes in 10:48.04 and the boys 1000 to Brendan Lee in 11:34.82.

Day 2 recap.

Full results.

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John Sampson

Is Allie growing out of the breastroke? Her backstroke and IMs keep progressing yet she was far from her 2:10 she did last year. It is a rarity to find anyone pre-college who can go that fast let alone someone who did it when they were 14. I would hate to see her switch into the backstrokes where quite honestly the US has no need for her. Still to young to make judgements, but would love to see her back on top of the breastroke throne. Going a 2:26 LCM is something very special, hopefully she shall regain that form this coming year.

Based on some what I’ve seen on decks, she’s grown quite a bit since Trials… and based on some comments in previous discussions, she’s also a pretty good athlete and at least at that time was still balancing swimming with some other activities.

I’d say it’s a bit of both of those things, and not something that should be read into too much. She’s a massive talent, no doubt…


I said last year she had no future in breaststroke with technique she has/had. For lack of new talent in breaststroke, they have been lost trying to copy Rebeca Soni technique. “Stay low and follow Dave Salo” crowd here on swimswam canot understand that for some reason.


She has a future in breastroke, and is probably just adjusting to growing, or simply adjusting to balancing high school & club team training together. You’re ignorant to all of the different factors a swimmer has. Shame on you bashing a 15 year old girl. She is, and will continue to dominate in the pool.

Analyzer… you just don’t get it. Anyone who doesn’t swim a specific way (the Psychodad way) is just doomed for failure. No chance at any sort of success.

Just look at that washed up bum in Arizona… what’s his name? Kevin Cordes. What a loser that kid is. Showed some early promise, but with poor technique it was obvious to everyone with a breaststroking PhD (like Psychodad) that he wasn’t going to amount to much. And what’s he done? Barely anything at all…

I’d be careful before stepping out on a limb and disagreeing about breaststroke with Dr. Psychodad, Phd…


Hulk is right. Psychodad has been correct all along. Cordes may have seemed good in high school, however at this point I’m sure Arizona is just looking to recoup their scholarship money wasted on him


You two make it hard to understand if you’re being sarcastic or serious.


Analyzer, they are joking. Kevin Cordes is the fastest short course breaststroker in the history of history. Pyschodad is just an idiot.


Maybe Psycho dad is the one who is being sarcastic. when i have seen her swim i think Szekely has a very unique stroke, particularly with her lower back flexibility. If anything i thought she might have injury issues with that as she aged. Definitely not a ‘go low’ swimmer.


watch this video to see what i am talking about:

Almost dolphin like action. I think it is very unique. You can see it again here when she was just 12:


Phsychodad, you really are psycho. Hating on a 15 year old girl saying that she has no talent. It is rude and disrespectful. These young girls are trying their best and you make them feel horrible. Please show us how to do breaststroke because you seem to know everything about good technique.


It’s important to remember that psychodad knows nothing about swimming. He said kevin cordes would never be a good breaststroker because he is too tall and he should switch to sprint free. He doesn’t understand that just because someone might not have the ideal-looking stroke above the water, doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing everything correctly below the water (where it actually matters)


I do not hate any swimmer and why is it so difficult for some you to distinguish between criticizing someone’s technique and “hating on someone.” I said her technique is not good – how is that hating her? I never said Cordes will not be a good breaststroker, I said he will never be great on international level. I still do not like his technique. It is all about glide and kicking and you do not control the race that way the way Gyurta does with his powerful stroke. I said Cordes will not do much in London because he will panic with his long glides – and it happened. As long as Gyurta is swimming, he will not win… Read more »


>doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing everything correctly below the water (where it >actually matters)

No, it doesn’t! it is what you do above the water that matters. I never get a straight answer from “stay low” crowd when I asked a simple question: “if gliding and kicking is the what is most important and that you should swim as low as possible, would then underwater kicking and gliding (if legal) be the fastest breaststroke?” Again, watch Gyurta and Ruta do it right with swimming high and applying gravity to move forward, not relaying just on kicking.

Trent Richardson

I don’t know what you think you know or what you actually know about breaststroke technique or swimming in general, but looking at the 200M Breast Men’s final in London, there’s an awful lot of kicking and gliding going on.

Please feel free to share a video example of what you think breaststroke should look like.


Agreeing with Trent – Yeah honestly Gyurta swims similarly (forward him movement, and on top of water) to Szekely and he won the olympics. Psychodad go bash somewhere else where you have actual bearing. Good day.

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