Swimming’s TopTenTweets: Never Too Good for the Basics

Torrey Hart
by Torrey Hart 7

November 12th, 2019 News

We’re back with swimming’s TopTenTweets presented by Arena, where we round up the best of the swimming Twitterverse.

Featured Instagram Post of the Week:

Definite ~pumpkin spice~ vibes.


Throwing it back for a post that predated TopTenTweets.




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#AsSheIs has inspired me to post some completely unfiltered photos today.. I’m not too familiar with doing this as I’m often so nervous that I’ll get comments on the texture of my skin or the shape of my athletic body or anything else I’m able to pick out while staring at a picture before I decide to post it. Most of the time I’ll end up talking myself out of posting due to those very insecurities. To be honest I’m don’t even think I’m insecure about those parts and pieces of me, I’m more worried about how cruel others can be and how that will affect me. There’s already been so much movement forward in improving how we post on social media and how “influencers” can help portray realistic images for their followers, which is amazing. I think its so important that we keep this movement going and inspire others to live life unfiltered using the hashtag #AsSheIs . I would also like to nominate my two beautiful sisters @olekcb and @hayleyolek to continue this trend and post an unfiltered pic using the hashtag❤️

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We <3 the honesty.


“Admitted to being dead” is not something you hear often.




Putting life as a pro to good use.


So niche, so perfect.


How’s his 200 IM looking nowadays?


A tale in two acts.


Words of wisdom.

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You are also never too good or too old to work on your English grammar Zach…


Eh. It’s fine. His message is perfectly intelligible.


He also is a mechanical engineer. Us engineers are not known for our grammatical abilities.

The Big Cheese

Andrew Wilson may say he was dead after those 80 meters of fly, but he did split a 1:09 breaststroke. I enjoyed watching him build a 25 meter lead next to me.


Can’t say I like #4. Poking fun at Michael’s son with an immature meme is just sad. Millennials expect to be taken seriously but it’s hard to do so when they themselves are dismissive of the generation with this “ok boomer” nonsense.


Jeez, take a joke…

Justin Wright

Ok, boomer.

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