Swimming From Home Talk Show: Grant Shoults

We are all trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as best we can. Staying at home and not socializing is not an easy task for anyone, and keeping a swimmer out of the pool is equally antagonizing. Therefore, SwimSwam is starting the Swimming From Home Talk Show, where host Coleman Hodges speaks with the swimming community about how they’re coping with our current goggle-less reality.

Today I spoke with Grant Shoults, who recently returned home from Stanford campus to his home in Laguna Hills. Coming off of the PAC-12 Championships just over a week ago, things moved quickly for Shoults, who ended up leaving Stanford’s campus on Monday, March 16, before everyone had to be vacated by Wednesday, March 18. Shoults is lucky enough to be able to keep training with the Mission Viejo Nadadores, where a small group of Olympic hopefuls are still swimming as of today.

UPDATE: Message from Grant Shoults at 9:11pm on Tuesday, March 18: 

“The mission pool has been completely closed down so looks like I will be ocean swimming, swimming in my backyard,

or heading north or to another state.”

Shoults wound up missing each of the last two NCAA Championship meets. As a junior, he underwent shoulder surgery, and as a red-shirt junior, the now-relevant coronavirus cancelled the meet.

Shoults gives a sobering insight on what the past week has been like, and expresses gratitude at the resources he does have that others don’t at this time.

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When is NCAA going to give the extra year of eligibility to all those swimmers that missed out on swimming their last NCAA due to the Coronavirus. Spring sports got it. Winter sports deserve it too. So when is that decision going to be made public?


TBH they had 95% of their season, why should they get another year? I get it really sucks, but it doesn’t really make sense.


That’s not valid, swimmers peak for end of the season meets. So it’s not the same as basketball where they have 11 games to go 100% in, they just have their one at the end (or two if your team is trying to win conference.)


The swimmers have still had most of their season. I would hope that swimmers are giving 100% at all dual meets. I know that swimmers are broken down and in the middle of hard training at dual meets, but they are still representing their school and thus should be giving 100%. Dual meets are no different than regular season basketball games.

Awsi Dooger

It should be that way. I’ve always felt it is a crock that the swimmers themselves do not approach it that way. The word taper is tossed out like a deflective excuse not to try or care. Not many others are going to care about the sport when told that college swimmers are only concerned with March. How many years can you do this at top level? How many days within those years are actual performances? Yet rationalize to throw most of them away. Brilliant.

Konner Scott

You guys rock! Thank you for the extra content and positive vibes during this crazy time!

Hint of Lime

Thanks for this coverage! Definitely really interesting to get first-hand perspective from guys/athletes like Grant (in the middle of CA with the outbreak, seniors in college, top NC title contenders).

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