Swimming From Home: Bruno Fratus on Keeping his Mind Active, Swimming History

We are all trying to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic as best we can. Staying at home and not socializing is not an easy task for anyone, and keeping a swimmer out of the pool is equally antagonizing. Therefore, SwimSwam is starting the Swimming From Home Talk Show, where host Coleman Hodges speaks with the swimming community about how they’re coping with our current goggle-less reality.

Talking to sprinter star Bruno Fratus is always a treat. Though you may be more familiar with his later work, winning back-to-back silver medals in the 50 free at the 2017 and 2019 world championships, Fratus has been in the swimming game for a long time. He talked about when he first started as a pro in Brazil, at age 17, in 2006, and his journey from there to eventually make his way to the US and end up in Coral Springs where he trains now.

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2 years ago

I like him, altough he comes across as a little too cocky in his posts and lives on instagram. Most of the times he says and thinks the rights things but the way he expresses them could be improved. I also I think that its going to be difficult for him to medal in the 50 free in Tokyo21. I think it’s a repeat from Rio. But he deserves a medal for sure…maybe the 4×100 Free with Brazil

Reply to  GrameziPT
2 years ago

I definitely get what you’re saying.
I like the bad boy vibe though, I believe it can be good for the sport to have people like this around. Also he’s extremely nice with people at meet, Ive races him a few times myself.

Ol' Longhorn
2 years ago

Good choice. Probably fastest actual swimmer (without start, underwaters) on the planet. A lot like a slightly younger Tony Ervin in that regard.

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