SwimmersBest Power Bags, More Than Just Socks (Video)

SwimmersBest Power Bags are a drag parachute to add resistance and drag to every aspect of your swim training, but they are far more than just socks for drag.

We’ve all used sox for drag in swim practice, but you’re limited by what they can do for you. Power Bags fit on the feet, calves, forearms, and hips, offering resistance and drag for all strokes.

  • SB Drag Socks that do so much more than normal Sox
  • Use as Socks/Sox on your Feet or Calves (keep feet high or use for pull sets)
  • On Arms/Forearms – swim with open hand or fist to improve catch and recovery
  • On Waist as Skirt – use included belt to add 1 or both SB Bags around waist to drive the hips up
  • As Parachute – use the provided belts to drag as a parachute
  • Over Kickboard – slide over a kickboard to drag over your feet or add drag in front
  • Drag that is more than just socks. Use SB sox to add nearly every type of resistance you could need!

How to Use the PowerBags

Fix low hips
  • 360 T-Press (6 kicks on each of the 4 sides)
    • PowerBags on feet or as skirt
  • 6 kick switch
Fix the amplitude of the flutter kick
  • 360 T-Press
  • 6 kick switch
Fix drifting 1 beat kick scissor kick
  • Over sized PowerBags with 1 beat kick
  • PowerBag on problem leg and lift other leg in air
Fix low Freestyle arm recovery
  • PowerBags as sleeves
    • Do pull timed sets
    • Stun Gun (pause the arm before entering the water for 2 seconds)
    • Zipper Drill (drag the thumb up the body to the entry)
    • Fingertip Drag Drill (drag the fingertips across the water on the arm recovery)
Training a High Elbow Catch with the Power Bags
  • First start with our “Bending Elbow Drill”
  • If the swimmer is still leading with their elbow or using a straight arm stroke, then add a buoy to our Power bags on each arm and repeat the ‘bending elbow drill’
    • With both arms extended above the shoulders, alternate swinging the forearm and hand under the elbow, pausing before move on to the other arm
    • Here are problems that can occur with this drill:
      • Not swinging the arm completely under the elbow (have them LOOK at the arm after they stop the down swing)
      • Swinging the arm too far past the elbow (have them LOOK at the arm after they stop the down swing)
      • Not keeping the elbow in the same position (have them focus on keeping the buoy against their head)
Fix weak Breaststroke kick
  • PowerBags covering the calves or the feet (closed bottoms)
    • 2 kicks 1 stroke
    • Breaststroke kick on the back
Improve the height of kick
  • 360 T-Press
  • 6 kick switch
Improve the breaststroke kick recovery/muscles
  • PowerBags on Feet (closed bottoms) and Calves
    • 2 kicks 1 stroke
    • Breaststroke kick on back
Improve the finish of the Breaststroke kick
  • PowerBags on feet (closed bottoms)
    • Kick only
    • Breaststroke kick on back
    • 2 kicks 1 stroke
Improve the arm recovery speed and muscles
  • PowerBags as sleeves
    • Zipper Drill
    • High speed with the PowerBags as Sleeves
    • Tempo Trainer + PowerBags as sleeves stroking on each beep
    • Combine a set with PowerBags as Sleeves then take them off
Improve Workout and Muscle
  • Combine the kick sets in the pull sets
    • High speed swim then go to a slow speed kick
    • High speed 100 (50 High speed kick and 50 high speed swim)
  • Vary the point of resistance (ex. On arms, as a parachute)
    • Switch from on the feet to on the calves
    • Switch from on the forearms to a skirt or parachute

Workout Components

Pre-set Components
Main Set Components 
  • PowerBags on feet
    • 4 x In Outs (start @ wall, flip @ flags, back to wall) @:15 rest
    • 4 x In Outs (start @ wall, flip @ mid pool, back to wall) @:15 rest
    • 4 x Out Ins (start @ flags, sculling kick :15sec, flip @ wall, back to flags) @:15 rest
    • 4 x Out Ins (start @ mid pool, sculling kick :15sec, flip @ wall, back to mid pool) @:15 rest
    • 3 x 50 5 Stroke Flip Turn @:20 rest
    • 3 x 50 Mid pool flip (flip mid pool, wall, mid pool) @:15 rest
    • 3 x 50 Mid pool Breakouts @:15 rest
    • 4 x 75 Breakout Flips @:15 rest
    • 3 x 50 2 flips on wall @:15 rest
  • PowerBags on Calves
    • on BK BR kick
    • 2 kicks one stroke
  • PowerBags as sleeves
  • PowerBags as parachute


SwimmersBest is leading the way for the future of swim training equipment.  The company offers a broad range of solutions for improving stroke technique, kick technique, and breathing technique.   They provide swimmers, coaches, and teams with the tools they need to balance technique training with conditioning training.  By combining the best drills with the best tools, the SwimmersBest products give swimmers instant tactile feedback so they can adjust their technique efficiently.   The old way of having coaches constantly remind swimmers of their individual problems has proven to offer very little improvement in technique.  All SwimmersBest products are designed to constantly ‘talk to the swimmers’ so they can feel the problems and make corrections.   This unique approach means the swimmers are given negative feedback for incorrect stroke technique, which compels the swimmers to quickly correct the problem on their own. With a constant flow of new innovative product designs, SwimmersBest is a company that will continue to deliver solutions you need.

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SwimmersBest is a SwimSwam partner. 

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