SwimMAC Breaks National Age Group Relay Record by Over 4 Seconds


It was going to take a monumental effort for anybody to derail the TAC Titans 13-14 girls and their National Age Group Record freight train this weekend at the North Carolina Age Group Swimming Championships. The group broke 2 relay national records and an individual national record through the first half of Saturday’s finals session, and looked lined up for another in the 400 medley relay.

But SwimMAC Carolina stepped in front with a big ‘not so fast’ in the timed final of the event. While TAC was well under the old National Age Group Record in 3:42.13, the 13-14 girls from SwimMAC were even faster, swimming a 3:40.43, to take the record. That swim was a whopping 4.34 seconds faster than the old National Age Group Record in the event.

The SwimMAC relay was made up of Morgan RazewskiGrace RaineyKiley Wilhelm, and Maya Gendzel, all 14-year olds. TAC’s 2nd-place relay of Abigail ClarkKeelan CotterClaire Curzan, and Taylor Morris were the same four swimmers as swam on the team’s other 2 record-setting relays.

Comparative Splits:

SwimMAC Carolina TAC Titans NOVA of Virginia
New Record 2nd-Best Ever Old Record
Back Razewski – 54.62 Clark – 54.96 Josephine Fuller – 56.61
Breast Rainey – 1:01.55 Cotter – 1:03.09 Grace Sheble – 1:02.66
Fly Wilhelm – 52.81 Curzan – 51.75 Caroline Sheble – 55.29
Free Gendzel – 51.45 Morris – 51.33 Olivia Erickson – 50.21
Total Time 3:40.43 3:42.13 3:44.77

SwimMAC had 3 legs faster than the old NOVA relay, most notably Wilhelm’s split 2.4 seconds faster than NOVA’s butterflier.

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2 years ago

15-16 NAG is 3:36.53. 15-18 NAG is 3:33.93. This swim is within a shout of both of those. Unreal.

2 years ago

All these tech suits and newfangled starting blocks and technical stuff help swimmers swim faster artificially…I say phooey.

2 years ago

I was there. It wasn’t the suits or the blocks. They just swam really, really fast.

Reply to  CarolM
2 years ago

I’ll have to agree about the blocks- TAC is a fast pool,
but the blocks aren’t great

Eddie Rowe
Reply to  CarolM
2 years ago

Definitely not the blocks. If you can hear them move on starts, they’re stealing momentum from the swimmers, and those blocks are loud.

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