SwimMAC 15-16’s Join Teammates on NAG Record Books

Spurred on by the incredible two-year National Age Group Record run that their senior teammates have had, the SwimMAC 15-16’s on Sunday broke the 15-16 record in the 200 free relay on Sunday, also in a time trial at the team’s hosted Tar Heel State meet.

The final time was 1:24.22, with splits of: Graham Weaver (21.51), Connor Long (20.62), Garrett Simpson (21.47), and Brody Heck (20.62).

The old record of 1:24.88 was set by the Claremont Club in 2010, with team members Kevin Coan, Jason Haney, Kyle Coan, and Michael Haney: two sets of brothers.

The newest SwimMAC record setters have been pumped up about their record attempt all weekend, especially after they saw their 17-18 teammates, and training partners, on Saturday break the 800 free relay NAG Record: officially giving the current group at SwimMAC all of the 15-18 and 17-18 relay records. Read more about the 17-18 record here.

This was the first 15-16 record, though, of the group. Brody, the anchor, has a great swimming pedigree: his older brother Logan was on the 200 free relay that broke the 17-18 NAG Record in 2011 and currently swims for North Carolina.

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7 years ago

at 2011 short course jr nats, the bolles team of murphy,16, schooling, 16, condorelli, 16, and dressel, 15, went 1:19.82!

Reply to  coach t
7 years ago

I might be wrong, but I don’t think that you can represent another country and hold a NAG. Schooling represents Singapore internationally.

Reply to  Braden Keith
7 years ago

Should be the same rule for HS (but its not). Should have a US Open type HS record and another for US citizens. Bolles has benefited from attracting (not recruiting) top international talent that makes it quite unfair for teams without the reputation of Bolles.

7 years ago

Garrett Simson’s mother, Kathi Simpson (the lady on the right side of your photo) also graced the cover of Swimming World Magazine in May 1976 with her relay team. So Garrett comes from great genes as well.

7 years ago

Jason and Michael Haney are not brothers

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