Sun Yang Injures Foot, Withdraws From Aquatic Super Series

New China is reporting that Chinese Olympian Sun Yang has suffered a foot injury while training in Australia and has withdrawn from the Aquatic Super Series slated for this weekend in Perth.

The double 2015 World Champion reportedly needs 6 weeks to recover from an injury sustained during a jumping exercise session. The incident sent him to the hospital where X-rays confirmed a fracture in the fifth metatarsal bone in the right foot.

“It hurt so bad and I almost cried this morning,” Sun told Xinhua. “But I try to think in a positive way and I believe I’ll get through it.

The 24-year-old chose a more conservative treatment plan from two options he said the local hospital had offered him, but didn’t elaborate on what exactly is entailed in the treatment.

However, Sun does reassure the public about his recovery for the Olympics saying, “Don’t worry about me. The injury won’t upset my preparation for the Rio Olympics.”

Below is a video of Sun Yang being transported into the hospital in a wheel chair, foot propped up. The swimmer’s X-ray is also displayed within the video, for those that know how to read them. A member of the medical staff even high-fives the athlete and is heard saying, “I’m in the presence of greatness.”

Sun then emerges from the hospital with his foot in a boot and he is using crutches.

The unexpected withdrawal is reminiscent to Sun’s shocking no-show at the men’s 1500m final in Kazan at the 2015 FINA World Championships. After already earning gold in the men’s 400m and 800m freestyle events, Sun left his lane empty for the 1500m final event, citing a heart problem, which rendered him unable to compete in the final.

As for his recent foot injury, the plan is for Sun to continue training in Australia and is scheduled to return to China in mid-March.

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5 years ago

Everyone’s thinking it.

Reply to  LOLLERcoaster
5 years ago

Yes he failed another precompetition drug test. It amazing the great lengths they go to for an excuse. Fake xray and hospital visit to throw us off the scent.

Reply to  LOLLERcoaster
5 years ago

there is not a doubt in my mind bruv

Reply to  LOLLERcoaster
5 years ago

I am not.

5 years ago

What’s with Chinese swimmers and foot injuries? Ye Shiwen apparently had a broken bone in her ankle that she didn’t know about and used it to excuse away her performances in 2015.

Reply to  aquajosh
5 years ago

It’s in their history?

5 years ago

It is not that ppl don’t know they have an injury but wait for better time to have surgery & rehab if they can. There are a lot of bones in a foot & anything from a complete break to fracture to spurrs .

What is everyone’s problem here?

Reply to  Gina
5 years ago

Difficult to know what everyone’s problem is here, Gina. I’m guessing it might have something to do with the doping violation that didn’t really result in a ban. Or maybe it’s the last minute no-show for a world championship final for no clear reason, which deprived another (clean) swimmer of a second swim and forced the other finalists to swim with an empty lane? Either way, signs point to Sun Yang having no respect whatsoever for his fellow competitors or his sport, as as we’re all fans of the sport it’s possible some point might take an issue with this.

Don’t worry about him, though – Fina’s got his back…

Reply to  Swimmer
5 years ago

come on! no show for no clear reason? thats just rude and ignorant 🙁
i am not defending sun yang but i stay neutral since for both the doping violation as well as for his no show there were real reasons. also, remember statements of 15 yo sun like ‘i dont even deserve to swim in the same pool as phelps and lochte’, i think he still does have very much respect for the sport and his competitors.
i know most of you will think i am super gullible but thats ok with me. as long as there are somewhat acceptable explainations for stuff like his “misdeeds”, i will believe it, no matter which country they are from.… Read more »

Reply to  anonymoose
5 years ago

It’s not rude or ignorant – it is absolutely not clear why he didn’t turn up. There was an altercation with another swimmer in warm-up, and there was some kind of disturbance that ended up with a locker getting kicked in. Then we were told he was unwell. As I said: not clear. The least you can expect in these circumstances is a clear explanation as to why. It’s not a club meet we’re talking about here, it’s the World Championships. Making a final is a huge deal – so being denied the chance to swim in a final is a huge deal.

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