SSPC: James Magnussen Explains What Went Wrong at the 2012 London Olympics

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We sat down with World champion James Magnussen… again. We had already spoken with James before but only got through the first year of his career on the international stage. So this time we covered another couple of years, including the lead-up to the 2012 Olympic Games. After his big breakout at the 2011 World Champs, Maggie says he had no major racing until the 2012 Aussie Olympic trials, where he dropped a legendary 47.10, the fastest time swam in a textile suit at that point by a longshot.

Maggie admits that this swim hid some of the doubts he had at the time about his Olympic prep and therefore he just continued on in the same fashion. Maggie also says that even though it wasn’t his best race, he’s extremely proud of his silver medal performance in the 100m free final in London.

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Honest Observer
7 months ago

interesting podcast. There’s more to be learned from stories of failure than from stories of success. It helps that he’s so honest about his mindset at the time.

NC Fan
7 months ago

Makes me feel a bit guilty cheering against the Aussies in London.

Morozov the missile
7 months ago

Can’t wait to see Vladimir Morozov in the podcast talking about that 21,94 in the first 50 of the 100 free in Barcelona 2013. Please make this happen!

Reply to  Morozov the missile
7 months ago

IIRC there was a SwimSwam article with evidence that the 2013 Barcelona pool had a noticeable current. I think Morozov was with the current for the first 50 and against it for the second 50.

Aussie Crawl
7 months ago

Big resentment from James towards the
The Australian coaching staff in 2012.
Leigh Nugent I shake my head at you
And Question why ???
Saying unreasonable stuff to James
46.9 ??
Really wow

Reply to  Aussie Crawl
7 months ago

46.9 was probably realistic if his head was right

7 months ago

Great interview to a great swimmer (I still remember fondly the season where he dropped 47s at will). He seems to have matured a lot. I wish him good luck in his future endeavours.

Corn Pop
7 months ago

Not as bad as the guy who parachuted in dressed as QE2 . He’s dead.

7 months ago

He makes a good point there’s a difference between swimming fast unopposed with clear water versus a race where everyone’s going fast when you have to deal with waves.

Gary Hall JR used to have a tagline “the fastest swimmer in organized competition”.

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