SSPC: Clyde Lewis on Celebrating Your Personal Victories, Regardless of Place

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We sat down with Clyde Lewis, a world champion and commonwealth games champion who is still on the rise for team Australia. Clyde Gives a very interesting perspective, one we don’t see too often in swimming: he emphasizes celebrating your personal successes rather than what place you get in a race. Clyde has gotten 3rd at a trials meet, 4th at a world championships, and was 1st seed heading into a worlds final but then didn’t medal. And in every case, Clyde celebrated as someone does who won the whole event.

Music: Otis McDonald


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Old Man Chalmers
1 month ago

spw is tapering for qld states 👀

Corn Pop
Reply to  Old Man Chalmers
1 month ago

Good . No one can be certain of the next comp , if it w I’ll even happen .Get in best dressed while the opportunity is there. .

Perth 2020
1 month ago

Enjoyed the interview, but seems like a great opportunity was missed to ask Clyde about the recent anti-doping suspension of his SPW teammate Shayna Jack, and the allegations of fat-shaming, bullying and militarism leveled against his SPW coach Dean Boxall; and just generally about the methodology of Coach Boxall who admits to drinking five cups of coffee before morning practices and whether that use of caffeine carries over to his swimmers as well.

Reply to  Perth 2020
1 month ago

Longest sentence ever. I ran out of breath just reading this…

1 month ago

Best, most honest interviewee you have had so far. Normally I can’t understand the Aussie accent but Clyde was articulate. I loved his passion for 4th places, bronze, semi final success, and then over the top enthusiasm when they won the 800 free relay at Worlds. To be honest, it was my favorite race at worlds as a pure fan of the sport!! But when there were 5 teams in the race with a 50 left….I loved it and his reflection on it…definitely goose bumps! Side note…Australia has only had 70 deaths per million due to Covid and Texas has had almost 800 deaths per million. Being on lock down is not fun as Clyde rightly says but the lives… Read more »

Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

I think deaths per million are actually 35 in Australia…and 1.2 in his state of Queensland.

Last edited 1 month ago by Torchbearer
Reply to  Torchbearer
1 month ago

I stand corrected. I must have looked at line above Australia. Australia and Texas have about the same(ish) population. Texas has had 22,000 deaths and Australia has had 900.

Corn Pop
Reply to  Ghost
1 month ago

I once did a online course in Pittsburgian .

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