'Splash of Truth' is Back

The person (or group of people) that goes by the moniker ‘Splash of Truth’ are back on the web. After about a five-week absence from any web presence (both on their Twitter account and their website at usswimnscandal.com website), they are back in action.

There’s still no word on exactly what went wrong with the site, though earlier today it was posted on the site that their “demise was greatly exaggerated”, though they declined to elaborate on that. Earlier this month, we logged on and found that the site was briefly selling steroids under the moniker “STEROID MART,” by which we assumed that the site had been hacked.

The Splash of Truth Twitter account posted on Thursday that members of the USA Swimming administration were “announcing to the world” that the site had been shut down by subpoenas, however the account then sarcastically commented “REALLY?” implying that this is not true.

There’s more to this story than meets the eye, but until SOT decides to tell us exactly what happened, we will be left guessing. The mystery goes on.

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Chris DeSantis
8 years ago

How do you know there aren’t any women?

8 years ago

Balls. Now where am I supposed to get my steroids?!?!

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