Spitz Still Non-Committal About Phelps on CNN’s “Piers Morgan”

Mark Spitz appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” talk show last night, and despite promising to finally commit as to who would have won in a race on an even playing field, Spitz again called the tie.

“If I was great because I knew everything I needed to know to beat that other person, then I would have to know everything that would be necessary to beat Michael. And likewise, he would have to know everything to beat me. So the answer is we’d have to tie,” Spitz told Morgan.

But watch the video below. He didn’t entirely pass up the opportunity to talk a little bit of trash as he tells Morgan why he might have beat Phelps.

Video courtesy: CNN

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Yesterday was not a good day for Michael it seems…lol
The man is crazy, Phelps FTW.

What have they all against Michael these days? It’s curious.

I think the saying, “It’s a long road to the top, but it has the best view” can help to explain this. People like Clary have not yet been to the top of the mountain. Thus, it’s their own jealosy of Phelps. They sit there and train so hard and yet they still aren’t as good as their competitor, so what else can you do? You can take the path Lochte did and pay respect to Phelps even while saying you want to win, or you try to cut down your opponent by saying whatever you need to do to make you feel better. Clary called out Phelps because he thought Phelps doesn’t work hard. He also said it would… Read more »
Jean Michel

This Spitz guy is away from reality ! and jaleous probably ! he doesn’t deserve any attention at all ! by the way ,action is the real talk MR Spitz . Give us a break . Thanks

“This Spitz guy?” Clearly you know nothing about swimming history…


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