Spitz Still Non-Committal About Phelps on CNN’s “Piers Morgan”

  24 Braden Keith | July 11th, 2012 | News

Mark Spitz appeared on CNN’s “Piers Morgan” talk show last night, and despite promising to finally commit as to who would have won in a race on an even playing field, Spitz again called the tie.

“If I was great because I knew everything I needed to know to beat that other person, then I would have to know everything that would be necessary to beat Michael. And likewise, he would have to know everything to beat me. So the answer is we’d have to tie,” Spitz told Morgan.

But watch the video below. He didn’t entirely pass up the opportunity to talk a little bit of trash as he tells Morgan why he might have beat Phelps.

Video courtesy: CNN

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How can you expect that Mark Spitz answers to such a question. Mark was a champion! He was proud. He is proud… Okay, his 100 butterfly was 54”27, but it was, by far, the best his era could produce. And his runner-up was more than one second behind. And he didn’t train a lot even for his era. And he was not a professionnal. He could not swim after 1972. He was 22 years old. Spitz could have won easily in 1976 and be the best butterflyer until 1980. And he was a silver medallist in 1968. Let say that Spitz was the Michael Phelps of his era and Phelps is the Spitz of to-day…

cynthia curran

That’s true about the difficulties being a Jewish swimmer back in 1968 and 1972. According to Spitz’s bio some of his teammates put him down for being Jewish in 1968 that a Jewish person could beat White Anglo-Saxon swimmers. Granted, I image that there were Jewish and Italian swimmers in the US before. In fact I found out in masters that during the 1950’s a Japanese man in the US won the 100 meter back. Also, Duke K was a pacific Islander and the past freestyler even under more primitive conditions. The early 1970’s was the era when elite swimmers started working out double workouts


You guys are too funny. Spitz went 2.00 in the 200 fly without goggles, a mustache and tons of hair. Not to mention antiquated training methods.

Look at videos from 72. They ALL had horrible starts and swimming technique. It’s not Spitz was a lesser talent than Phelps, they just didn’t know jack back then.

I’ll give the edge to Phelps (in the 200 fly) just because he’s a freak physically (lactate levels, size ratio between body parts etc) but I’m sure it would be closer than you think. Or I might be wrong, and someone else from the 70’s would’ve benefitted much more from the advantages of today!


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