Leveaux Scratches 200 Free for Olympics; Highlights Relay Importance

French swimmer Amaury Leveaux is the latest swimmer to scratch the men’s 200 free in order to focus on the 400 free relay, marking the third swimmer we’ve seen make a similar decision this year.

Leaveaux placed 2nd in the event at this year’s French Olympic Trials in 1 :46.72, touching just ahead of teammate Gregory Mallet for the 2nd individual slot. That swim ranked Leveaux 11th in the world this year, and would have made him the 9th seed in London.

With this decision, Mallet and his 1:46.77 will overtake that 9th seed alongside countryman Yannick Agnel, who will be a medal favorite.

This highlights the importance that countries around the world are placing on the men’s 400 free relay this year. In addition to Leveaux’s scratch, we’ve seen Michael Phelps and Russia’s Evgeny Lagunov make the same move, reaffirming their desire to help their respective countries place well in the 400 free relay that comes later in the session.

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Do the experts here at SwimSwam agree with me that the only way Lochte will be swimming the 400 FR is if ALL of the prelim swimmers have poor performances or somebody is sick? Also, do you agree that Vollmer is likely to swim in at least the preltms of 400 FR so that Schmitt gets one less swim? I also wonder of Coughlin will be called on to swim back in prelims of 400 MR so that Bootsma can rest for final (assuming Franklin will be swimming free in finals because she goes a faster time than Hardy in 100 free). It would be a feather in her coaches’ cap to have coached the female olympic swimmer who earned… Read more »

Excellent point about Natalie: she may be called on to swim prelims on all 3 relays!

Good point about Lochte. This is what Lochte has been training to do, but he has to show _a lot_ during swimming camps to show that he can definitively and consistently out perform #4 even with minimal rest. The coaches know that the medals could be separated by millseconds, and so may bronze and 4rth, Not only this, but i think all the international coaches know this too. So this is going to be a very select process and I think its likely that coaches may pick a team that goes phelps-feigen- jones-adrian, it lack’s Grever and Ryan’s starpower, but the freshness could make it the best team. Its unfortunate that we are seeing the men’s 200free field thin out,… Read more »

I’m not american but i really want your relay to win
How’s how you do it:
But i think Jones has to swim it by qualifying top 2 at trials, no??

Relays are entirely up to the coaches’ discretion. That said, since he won trials, I can’t see them keeping him off it unless he’s really swimming poorly at the games.

Grevers will be swimming the 100 backstroke semifinal two events before the relay final. Don’t see him on there.


Jones DID finish SECOND behind Adrian at the olympics trials!

He WILL BE on the relay final.

I agree. Lochte should not be on the 400 FR unless something drastic happens in the morning. Lochte has not earned that spot.


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