Speedo-clad Seton Hall Swim Team and The Art of the Free Throw Distraction

College Swimming News: Swimmers can be a little crazy, at least to the world beyond our black-lined, cement swimming holes. The Seton Hall Swim Team is no different, and they’ve taken the art of Speedo fashion to a new level and purpose.

As reported by Yahoo Sport’s Jeff Eisenberg,  determined to help their Seton Hall basketball compatriots against the formidable third-ranked Louisville, nearly half of the Seton Hall Swim Team went Speedo-clad to the game, sitting right behind the basketball hoop in the direct eyeline of free throw shooters.

See the AP high resolution photo here. 

Free throw distraction has developed over the years. We’ve witnessed it all; a sea of brightly colored streamers, waving arms, signs with messages, wiggling foam regalia.  Using a Speedo-clad swim team is new territory.

Did it work? Not this time. Seton Hall was in the hunt for a win, until Louisville went on a 10-0 tear in the second hall, eclipsing Seton Hall 73-58.

According to yahoo reporter, Eisenberg:

Oddly enough, it actually seemed to help the Cardinals more than it hurt them. Louisville, a 70.4 percent free throw shooting team, sank 14 of 15 foul shots when shooting on the basket with the swim team behind it during the second half.

The upside: The Seton Hall Swim Team netted airtime on ESPN.

Yahoo’s Eisenberg makes, perhaps, the best suggestion on the art of Speedo fashion and distracting free throw shooters:

Perhaps Seton Hall’s women’s swim team should join the men behind the basket during its next home game. They may have more luck creating a distraction.

Seton Hall Swim Team Photos:

Seton Hall Swim Team, Speedo-clad at the Basketball Games

Seton Hall Swim Team, Speedo-clad at the basketball game

Seton Hall Swim Team Twitter Profile Picture

Seton Hall Swim Team Twitter Profile Picture

Follow Seton Hall Swim Team on Twitter here. 

See the Seton Hall Swim Team on ESPN: They’re on the far right of the screen, Speedo-Clad, on their feet cheering nonstop.

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9 years ago

Love those speeods!!!

Get rid of jammers and tech suits and bring the old school speedos back ASAP!!!

9 years ago

Agreed WKU has done this multiple times…even at away games.

9 years ago

WKU swimmers have been doing this for years.

Reply to  bossanova
9 years ago

SHU has been doing it for year now as well. Got a great amount of attention last year, but never this much.

9 years ago

Well played, gentlemen.

Philip Johnson
9 years ago

HA! that would certainly distract me!

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