Six Nations Claimed Gold at Singapore Diving Grand Prix Meet

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November 26th, 2018 Diving, News

Courtesy: FINA

Six nations, China, DPR Korea, Japan, Mexico, Russia and Singapore, claimed at least one victory this weekend in Singapore (SGP), the last host of the FINA Diving Grand Prix 2018, from November 23-25.

Russia however was the most decorated team with three gold medals and four bronzes, as Sergey Nazin topped the men’s 3m accumulating 416.90 points. Teammates Vitaliaa Koroleva / Uliana Kliueva then claimed the women’s 3m gold with 288.30 and Ilia Molachnov / Vitaliia Koroleva were the best in the mixed 3m (283.50).

The host nation and DPR Korea each won two golds: Jonathan Chan of Singapore earned the most points in the men’s 10m platform (438.55), while Timothy Lee / Mark Lee pocketed the 3m synchro title.

The women’s 10m synchro was won by DPR Korea’s A Rim Kim / Jong Gyong Kim, while A Rim Kim was also the best in the mixed 10m synchro together with partner Kwon Hyok Ri (285.72).

The individual women’s events were dominated by Huang Xiaohui (CHN, 351.7) and Rin Kaneto (JPN, 333.40) respectively.

Mexico took the top honor in the men’s synchro 10m platform with Ivan Garcia / German Sanchez (378.1).

Australia, Ireland and Poland were the other countries to step on the podium this weekend in Singapore.

The Diving Grand Prix 2018 is now over and the 2019 edition will start on February 14, 2019, in Rostock (GER), calendar below.

Medalists in Singapore

Men’s 3m springboard
1. Sergey Nazin (RUS) 416.90; 2. Luxian Wu (CHN) 416.70; 3. Kacper Lesiak (POL) 400.65

Men’s 10m platform
1. Jonathan Chan (SGP) 438.55; 2. German Sanchez (MEX) 420.20; 3. Sergey Nazin (RUS) 410.00

Men’s 3m springboard synchro
1. Timothy Lee / Mark Lee (SGP) 362.31; 2. Andrzej Rzeszutek / Kacper Lesiak (POL) 359.01; 3. Ilia Molachnov / Sergey Narin (RUS) 352.50

Men’s 10m platform synchro
1. Ivan Garcia / German Sanchez (MEX) 378.15; 2. Roman Izmailov / Sergey Nazin (RUS) 348.36

Women’s 3m springboard
1. Huang Xiaohui (CHN) 351.75; 2. Clare Cryan (IRL) 300.75; 3. Uliana Kliueva (RUS) 296.70

Women’s 10m platform
1. Rin Kaneto (JPN) 333.40; 2. Jong Gyong Kim (PRK) 291.35; 3. Myong Ju Pak (PRK) 279.45

Women’s 3m springboard synchro
1. Vitaliaa Koroleva / Uliana Kliueva (RUS) 288.30

Women’s 10m platform synchro
1. A Rim Kim / Jong Gyong Kim (PRK) 316.32; 2. Olivia O’Rourke / Brittany O’Brien (AUS) 256.74

Mixed 3m Synchronised
1. Ilia Molachnov / Vitaliia Koroleva (RUS) 283.50; 2. Kaja Skrzek / Kacper Lesiak (POL) 255.72; 3. Frazer Tavener / Shay Boddington (AUS) 205.68

Mixed 10m Synchronised
1. A Rim Kim / Kwon Hyok Ri (PRK) 285.72

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