Shout from the Stands: Michael Phelps Numerology, Life Path Number 5 Equals Olympic Success

by SwimSwam 5

June 30th, 2015 Britain, Europe, News

Editor Note: This is a first, a post on numerology, and we thought it might be fun. Thanks to Author Ranji Whittle for the submission. 

Courtesy of Ranji Whittle

He flies fast with fins, prepares himself to be free for wins, and meddles in the medley field too. He had 11 individual and 7 team golds at the Olympics. He is back with his eyes set on 2016. He could be matched with a platypus, an Australian mammal. (Man followed in the platypus’s footsteps, went into the water, and learned to swim.) He is Michael Phelps who helps the records get better. He was born on June 30, 1985, so is a number 5 numerologically. For 5s, change is the name of the game. As a pro swimmer and an Olympian, he changes the records. He calls and the record falls.

The decimal system of numbers is the cornerstone of our everyday life. From waking up to a date and time, to the place address, agenda, and earnings, we can’t manage our lives without numbers. Mathematics is about numbers, so is Numerology. The numbers (and letters), individually and collectively, contain a vibrational frequency that attracts certain energy. According to Pythagoras, the sixth-century BC Greek mathematician and philosopher, numbers are the measure of energy. Western Numerology deals with the destiny hidden within the energies of the numbers and letters we are associated with. Once we learn what our numbers and letters say about us, we have a road map to show us what we need to do to reach our full potential. Live, Listen, Learn, and Lift. That is Life.

The numbers of Phelps’s birth date 6-30-1985 give him Birth Force 5 in unison. (Month Force is 6, Day force is 3, 1+9+8+5 gives 23, and 2+3 makes 5 as his Year Force. 6, 3, and 5 add up to 14. 1+4 discloses Phelps has Birth Force 5 and was born with the Karmic Debt 14.) The Birth Force Number shows the natural gifts and talents. 5 is for change and variety. Karma means ‘what goes around comes around’. Number 14, one of the Karmic Debt Numbers which represent life lessons that haven’t been learned, shows the past abuse of freedom. Resist the temptations of indulgence and steer a steady course to fulfil the destiny. Phelps was born to be a swimmer. By the level of dedication and hard work that was imposed upon him from an early age, he naturally relinquished his freedom and gave a foundation for learning this lesson. The 14, a karmic debt he brought with him to this life, represents addictive behaviours.

Phelps’s severe DUI incident, in 2014 which was his Seven Year, clearly indicates his karmic 14/5. Personal Year Number = Month Force + Day Force + Current Year (eg. last year 2+0+1+4). The Seven Year rules legal affairs. In a Seven Year, if we lose sight of what we want, confusion prevails. Phelps’s (imposed) sabbatical from the battlefront (pool), turning inwards, and re-evaluating are the characteristics of a Seven Year.

Olympic year 2016 would be Phelps’s Nine year. 9 means completion. What a perfect year that would be, if he keeps doing what he has been doing well under the same demanding coach. Phelps’s competitive swimming and Olympic achievements are phenomenal. Phelps is undeniably the reigning champion of the last three Olympics. During the course of the Olympics, from the first ancient games to the recent modern games, the Greek ‘Pelops’ changed into ‘Phelps’. There are interesting correlations. One myth about the origin of the ancient Olympic Games is the story of Pelops, a local hero. The first ancient games can be traced back to 776 BC in Olympia which was part of the Greek Peloponnese, the island of Pelops.

In 1896, the modern Games of the first Olympiad were held in Athens, Greece. The performance benchmark was defined as 4 Wins by Carl Schuhmann. Weingartner achieved 6 medal positions and Paul Masson had 3 individual wins. After 4 years, Kraenzlein’s 4 individual wins matched the benchmark. In 1904, Heida bettered it with 5 golds. The 1920 Games saw Willis Lee and Nedo Nadi each catching 5 golds, Lee & Spooner each taking 7 medals, and Nurmi making his international debut.

In 1924, Paavo Nurmi touched the performance benchmark and the Most Olympic Wins of *8, when he took 5 golds. (His 1928 record for the Most Olympic Wins of *9 was unbroken until 08, ie. 80 years.) The Performance Benchmark ‘5 Wins’ was tough somehow. No change. No one even touched it again, until Spiz gave a big boost. In 1972, it was incredible and fitting when bold Mark Spitz rewrote the history by getting all 7 medals as gold. The magnificent 7, marked with world records.

*Excluding the 1906 Intercalated Games.

While it was mounting slowly, the performance benchmark had been counting one whole century’s days patiently. Bi-fold energy in 1900 (2 zeros) gave the benchmark a head start. Its dream was to double itself. In 1992, Phelps started swimming at seven. In 1996, the year of the centennial anniversary of the modern Olympics, Spitz’s ‘7golds’ record still stayed invincible, Phelps turned eleven, and Bob the coach joined the club. The NBAC. His last name gives the same energy as Phelps’s Birth Force (‘Bowman’ is 265415). They are compatible. It didn’t take long for the smart coach to see the sign of MP reign emerging from water.

Year 2000. Millennium year. Tri-fold energy of the 0s was definitely for a beginning. The Baltimore race horse rose with force, and was in the course to be the source for the history rewritten. The double of 4 (or even seven), which was concluded as ‘mission impossible’ by many, was still in reach for this gold fish. His karmic 14/5 gave him no limits to his desire for adventure. With a vision of swimming career, there came the compulsory restraint. He was kept reminded of the urgency of temperance in all things. He was blessed with a great family and ‘The coach’. You’re never given more than you can handle. Phelps complied with that universal law, and cried “Yes, we can”.

High time for initial 4 becoming 8. The performance benchmark looked at Phelps for help, eagerly. Phelps was proud to feed off the crowd. When the Games returned to their birthplace in 2004, he served an appetiser. The world tasted Phelps’s superiority in 4 events & his 8 medals. Then the prime time. The 2008 Games were held in Beijing, China. Phelps could not be any finer. He was at the height of his excellence in 08. High 5. Phelps made the whole world witness ‘The Races of the Century’. 8 for eight. 5 Individual Wins and 7 world records. He set an 8 gold medal level in 08, and raised the Most Olympic Wins to 14. In 2012, his gold rush alone touched The Medal Bar at 18. His total lifted it to 22. The double of 11. Eleven is the total of his individual golds. An outright record for the Most Olympic Individual Wins, whether or not the 1906 Intercalated Games are included. 22 and 11 are Master Numbers. They are with higher vibration, so are more challenging. It was not too much of a challenge for the master swimmer indeed.

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Gina Rhinestone

Ten is the number of enlightenment & the end path of all existence . Unfortunately we only have 9 lives so basically when we reach it , that is it . Finito .

Ted Bundy was a 1 & obviously not very far advanced towards enlightenment . Keep on trucking MP .


This is the strangest thing I’ve seen in my entire life.


Ranji Wittle: Thank you so much for this interesting numerological analysis! I have often wondered what a numerologist would say about Phelps’ career, since numbers have been so important to his success (8 golds in ’08, most medals in history, etc).

I didn’t know 9 was the number of “completion”, but 2+0+1+6=9, so I guess that’s appropriate! Can numerology also be used to PREDICT events, or just interpret them? For example, would you venture a guess about the number of medals Phelps might have at the end of his career based upon the rules of numerology?

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