Shackell Siblings Sizzle at Carmel Swim Club Butterfly Workout | PRACTICE + PANCAKES

SwimSwam got to sit in on a practice with Carmel Swim Club in Carmel, Indiana. On this Tuesday morning workout, head coach Chris Plumb had his top group split into stroke groups of fly, back, and breast. Plumb took the fly group, which included Jr Pan Pacific champions Aaron (200 Fly) and Alex (100 Fly) Shackell.

Plumb was detail-oriented in his warm-up, throwing in a lot of different exercises to simply get the athletes’ bodies and strokes ready to swim fast butterfly. They went through drills, turn work, and dryland all with the intention of warming up their butterfly.

The main set was active rest, which included 4×100 fly fast with a 75 easy in between each swim, 6×75 fly fast with a 50 easy between each, 8×50 fly fast with a 25 easy between, and then 8×25 fast fly to finish.

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1 year ago

Impressive swims by these boys, for sure. But WHO is the girl right on their toes..!?

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
Reply to  Swede
1 year ago

That’s Alex Shackell.

1 year ago

Would loved to have seen backstroke group!

homey looking skinny
1 year ago

makes me anxious watching them break stroke to avoid clashes. coach hated me for that

PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
1 year ago

Who was in the other black cap above the Shackells?

Reply to  PK Doesn't Like His Long Name
1 year ago

Young Enoch maybe? I only know what his dad looks like. #Salukis

1 year ago

Pretty decent record board.

tea rex
1 year ago

Cool to see how butterflyers train! It’s always a struggle to see how much quality butterfly to assign without getting “survival” butterfly.

Bear Down
1 year ago

Coleman please try and go to as many gold medal clubs as you can!

these are so much more interesting than college P&Ps

Bear Down
Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

Carmel, Sandpipers, Cavalier, Long Island, TAC

Who’s the 6th?

Reply to  Coleman Hodges
1 year ago

What other clubs do you think you would be able to film?

1 year ago

Great practice. Would love to see more club workouts like this. Still hopeful for a Sarasota P&P in the very near future! I mean, who wouldn’t want to go to Florida in December or January?

Reply to  Buckeyeboy
1 year ago

P & P was in Sarasota today! Can’t wait to watch it!

Reply to  Yourmom
1 year ago

i hope it would be a long video,wanna see summer more training

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