Severe Winter Storm Impacting Preparations for D2s in Greensboro

When you host the NCAA Championships in March in Minneapolis (Men’s D1) or Columbus (Women’s D1), you accept the chance of a late-season storm creating cold or icey conditions. When you host that same meet in late March in Greensboro, however, with historical-average highs in the mid 60s, one expects a more temperate outlook on the weather.

However, the latest in a line of freak winter storms have brought inclement weather to North Carolina, where up to 3 inches of snow fell around the state on Monday, closing schools and creating hazardous road conditions.

The winter conditions also led to the closure of the Greensboro Aquatic Center, on Monday as teams arrived for the Division II Men’s and Women’s Swimming & Diving Championships that begin on Wednesday. Teams were forced to find alternate training locations for their Monday swims.

That includes Tampa, who was able to use the pool at nearby Greensboro College (in spite of Greensboro College closing at 1PM on Monday). Tampa’s women’s team is seeded to finish 7th at the meet, while the men are seeded to place 20th.

Conditions are expected to improve throughout the week. While temperatures will remain well-below average, they should get above freezing for most of Tuesday to melt the remnants of any ice from Monday, and there is no more precipitation expected until Friday, when the high will be 57 degrees according to

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Three inches of snow!? Omg. Stop the presses and call out the national guard. Out west that’s not even considered snow.

40 Flat

As a wisconsinite I find this offensive that anything was canceled for 3 inches of snow.


Trust me, it is probably less safe there with 3 inches than Wisc with a couple of feet. Cities in the south do not have the supplies to address road conditions and people are not use to driving in it.


Severe winter storm…? More like a little bit of snow. Probably a bit of an overreaction.


Most definitely an overreaction…overreaction to any form of ‘bad weather’ is expected from NC across the state (especially the Piedmont area).

Mr G

Grew up in Minneapolis and lived in Dallas. Snow and ice are so rare in Dallas that there are no snow plows, ice and sand trucks etc. Also, most residents have no useful driving experience in those conditions. So when a little ice or snow hits (ice more likely), the city inevitably shuts down until the melt. Likely similar in NC.

Britt P

As a North Carolinian, I can attest to this. We get brine on the roads in advance (sometimes), but there are few snow plows, if any. It also usually ices over badly when we get any snow, so that leads to black ice and terrible wrecks (I read a headline this morning that troopers responded to 1,600 weather-related crashes as of this morning). Back in 2005, the Triangle area came to a standstill for hours because of icy roads (my own dad ended up having a commute back home that lasted for hours, rather than the usual of 45 minutes), and some students were stranded at school overnight. We’re not the best prepared in the world for inclement weather, but… Read more »


agree 3inches is not alot, its just they are not used to it in Greensboro.


They don’t have the infrastructure (plows, salt, saline solutions) ready to go for snow. People in NC are also pretty inexperienced when it comes to driving on it, so that has to contribute to the bad conditions


Not in the Carolina’s – their taxpayers simply don’t pay to maintain the equipment, salt, staff etc. required to treat roads covered with snow that does not melt immediately. Not for what is usually a once every 25 years or so event.


SMH now global warming is ruining my swimming too

The Screaming Viking!

Thanks, Obama…

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