See What Michael Phelps Said To Fire Up The University of Alabama Football Team

When the greatest Olympic champion of all-time speaks, you listen.

Last week, Michael Phelps paid the University of Alabama football team a visit, offering the team some motivation prior to the start of the 2022 NCAA season.

Phelps is a football fan, having long been a strong supporter of his hometown Baltimore Ravens, and is close friends with former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

In his pep talk, Phelps spoke on how, in the lead-up to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, he went six straight years without a single day off. He also emphasized how you only get one opportunity to really make a mark in your athletic career, and that every day in practice, he’d do whatever was asked of him by coach Bob Bowman in order to reach his goals.

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Below is a transcript of Phelps’ speech, courtesy of NBC Olympics:

Well, I’m going to open up with a quote. It’s one of my favorite quotes. “Actions speak louder than words.” That literally is what defines my career. I made my first Olympic team, 15 years old. I got fifth place. I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t satisfied. They gave me a piece of paper that said, congratulations, you participated. That piece of paper motivated me for that whole next four years. I said, there’s not a shot in hell, this is ever going to happen again. My very first [Olympic] race, I did not medal. And then in 2012, I had one race I didn’t medal. I can go back and look at those races because I want to make sure that feeling stays with me until the next time I have a chance to get out there to do the same thing again. From 2002 to 2008, guess how many days I took off. In those six years, guess how many days I took off. None. Zero. Why? I wanted something that nobody else had the opportunity to get. I was willing to do more than anybody else on the planet was willing to do. I got the results. I wanted to do it because I wanted that chance. Nobody’s going to give you that chance, right? You’re going to have to earn that chance. That’s all I wanted. I wanted to bust my ass every single day to earn that one chance. And wherever that took me, it took me. Every time I’d go into practice, my coach would say jump. I would say how high, because I knew there were hundreds of thousands of other kids that were doing the same thing. And they were not going to take that opportunity away from me. Y’all have one of the greatest, if not the greatest coach leading y’all every single day. He’s got the answers. But it’s y’all that need to listen or making sure you’re doing everything away from the field. Right? It’s not just what happens here. I can’t tell you that enough. It is not just what happens here. It’s the whole entire picture. You get one chance, right? You get once chance to do something special. Don’t waste it, please.

After the immense success he achieved in that six-year span from 2002 to 2008, including 14 Olympic gold medals and 16 World Championship titles, Phelps took his foot off the gas and would miss training days, as the level of commitment he had early in his career was simply unsustainable.

His point, however, is that when the opportunity was there for him to go all-in and develop himself into the best swimmer in the world, he did everything he possibly could to get there.

Phelps, now 37, is the most decorated Olympic swimmer in history, having won 23 gold, three silver and two Olympic bronze medals over a span of four Games from 2004 to 2016. He made his debut at the 2000 Olympics at the age of 15, placing fifth in the men’s 200 butterfly.

One of his primary focuses from 2002 to 2008, the 400 IM, recently hit the 20-year mark of Phelps owning the world record.

The University of Alabama has made the College Football Playoff National Championship game six times in the last seven seasons, winning the title in 2015, 2017 and 2020.

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1 month ago

… do not miss your chance to blow, the opportunity comes once in a lifetime… you’d better….lose your self in the music the moment….

Go Kamminga Go
1 month ago


Jay Ryan
1 month ago

The QB comment is a misspeak. MP is a huge Ravens fan and he knows better than anyone what position Ray Lewis played. That Ray Lewis Super Bowl performance vs the Giants was insane. I always said that it’s tough to have a really good football team without some criminals in the defensive backfield.

1 month ago

Ray Lewis Quarterback?

Beach Jason 343
1 month ago

I really wish he had that motivation between bejieng and London. It’s very well known he didn’t train hard during the time and did just enough. If he fully trained then his personal bests had a very high chance of being much faster then what they were.

SuperSwimmer 2000
Reply to  Beach Jason 343
1 month ago

Man, i get where you’re coming from, but if anyone deserved the right to do what he wanted at that point, it was Phelps. He pulled a once-in-a-lifetime feat in winning 8 golds in Beijing. Enjoy that for what it was, and his whole career for what it was—absolutely amazing.

1 month ago

What about doing pep speak for women sports!

Reply to  Radiogaga
1 month ago

I’m sure if they write a check the same size it wouldn’t be a problem.

1 month ago

I’m pretty sure Ray Lewis was not a quarterback

Happy Slappy
Reply to  Asher D. Slim
1 month ago

That is a much better article, and it give way more insight into his personal life. Unlike the generic eat your wheaties, take your vitamins speach.

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