Sectional Legislation Passes Amendment Allowing Summer Meets To Go Up To Four Days In Length

Mitch Bowmile
by Mitch Bowmile 2

September 14th, 2013 Club, News

The original plan for the changes to the Sectional Requirements and guidelines proposed that, “The Spring and Summer Sectional will be no longer than 3.5 days long.” Today, the legislation passed with an amendment allowing summer meets to exceed the 3.5 days outlined in their changed, and go up to four days.

The change in ruling will allow for more entries in the competition as the extra time will allow them with more time for each event. At the finals for each day the sectionals will have one 18&U final heat; with the lengthened meet, it might encourage more age group swimmers to try to qualify and participate in that final.

The changes that are being made involving sectionals including time standards will drastically affect the overall entries from the meet. We will see a lot more age group swimmers participating, meaning that the college swimmers who usually participate in Sectionals will most likely compete at National events allowing more entries for age-groupers. With this encouraging factor we could see a larger number of age-groupers meeting the qualifying standards for their Sectionals; we’ll have to wait and see how these changes play out.

To read more about issues being addressed at the USA Swimming Convention click here:

In other news tonight at the USA Swimming convention, proposals to change convention to a Sunday- Wednesday event failed as well as the proposal to make the convention every other year. The participants at the convention prefer to maintain the status quo with regard to the event itself.”

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fan in the stands
7 years ago

What they should have considered is that age-group swimmers need their parents to bring them to the meet. Extending a meet to 4 days will now require working parents to take another day off of work. Not every parent can do this. Not sure this is the best of ideas.

Reply to  fan in the stands
7 years ago

“Fan in the Stands”- Most Sectional meets do not have age group swimmers, and they are LIMITING the meet to four days, not extending it. The Sectional meet where I live is 5 days in the summer.

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