Ryan Lochte Will Appear on HBO’s Real Sports on Tuesday

American swimmer Ryan Lochte will appear on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumble on Tuesday, August 20th. Lochte is fresh off his return from his latest suspension, for violations of anti-doping rules related to taking an IV of non-performance-enhancing drugs.

In a teaser clip posted by HBO on Saturday, Lochte talks about how many sponsors he lost after the Rio gas station incident, where he fabricated a story about being robbed at gun point after a night of partying. Lochte also opens up about the suicidal thoughts he had after that suspension, which he has spoken about before.

The 35-year old Lochte is a 12-time Olympic medalist, which ties him for the most Olympic swimming medals ever won by a single athlete, behind Michael Phelps. Lochte is also a 39-time World Champion, and he remains the World Record holder in the 200 IM in long course (1:54.00), and both the 200 IM (1:49.63) and 400 IM (3:55.50) in short course. He currently holds more individual World Records than Michael Phelps. Germany’s Paul Biedermann is the only other male with 3 individual World Records.

The episode will air at 11PM U.S. Eastern Time on Tuesday.

ON FRANKEL: You lost a bunch of sponsors after that.

RYAN LOCHTE: Yes. All of ’em.

JON FRANKEL: How much money did that cost you?

RYAN LOCHTE: Millions.

JON FRANKEL: And have any of those sponsors come back to you?



RYAN LOCHTE: There was points where if I went to sleep and I never woke up again, I would be fine, because I wouldn’t be hurting people.

JON FRANKEL: You thought that if you just disappeared –

RYAN LOCHTE: If I just disappeared, it would be OK.

JON FRANKEL: And you don’t mean disappear, just simply walk away from swimming and go find some hideout on the prairie.

RYAN LOCHTE: Yes. Disappear like bye-bye.

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It’s great that he’s sharing his story, must be tough to discuss setbacks like this. A lot of parallels to Phelps’ story in lead up to Rio as well. Hope they can both keep speaking out in support of mental health issues.


Agreed …. it is difficult enough to face life-controling issues, but with the whole world watching … that adds pressure that I cannot imagine. Ryan will gain a lot of healing by opening up like MP did. …. and … I hope he gives better interviews than in years past.


“What would you say defines you as a swimmer?”

“…Ryan Lochte.”

Ol' Longhorn

“Pain for tolerance.”

Historical Lochte Quotes

”I like swimming because racing.”


Lochte’s situation was complicated and a really great case study in American media and news cycles. I hope they get into the reality of what happened in Rio and how the media covered it



Ol' Longhorn

No kidding. In today’s news cycle, it would be on the sports pages.

Scott Morgan

oh please stop…

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