Ryan Lochte, eleven-time Olympic medalist talks about a few things in this interview with Katrina Radke. He is asked how he feels with Michael Phelps no longer at meets with him, and him being the main male who swims many events.

Also – we talk about dryland, clothing line, and advice for young swimmers at meets.

Katrina Radke is an Olympic Swimmer, Sport Psychology Professor, Motivational Speaker, Health and Peak Potential Expert, and Coach. She is also a Bestselling Author of Be Your Best Without the Stress.

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  1. Mimi says:

    Does he a girlfriend?

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    Personally, I would’ve put the question mark after the first four words in the title, and deleted the rest of it. And that, my friends, would make an interesting article.

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Katrina Radke, MFT, is an internationally recognized Olympian, therapist, college psychology instructor, and a peak performance and health coach for many fields, including business, sport psychology, fitness, wellness and nutrition. She is a motivational speaker for corporate, educational and public events, and works with top physicians and health professionals. She …

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