Ryan Lochte Files Paperwork to Trademark “Jeah”

  40 Braden Keith | August 17th, 2012 | Industry, News

Most swim fans already associate the exclamation “Jeah!” with swimming superstar Ryan Lochte. Now, he’s seeking to make it legal. Records at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s website show that on August 1st, he filed paperwork to patent the expression (which he says means “good,” he guesses) to protect his right to produce apparel like his $15 sunglasses that bear the phrase.

Lochte says that the expression has evolved from rapper Young Jeezy, who says “Chea”. Lochte just dropped the “ch” and replaced it with a “j”.

The record shows that Lochte is trying to grab the trademark for a number of industries, including all sorts of apparel. There is already another claim to the word, but that is specifically in the industry of internet hosting.

The full record from the U.S. Patent Office can be seen here.

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When did Lochte switch agents? I was watching an old Mel Stewart vlog from Beijing where he interviewed Peter Carlisle (Michael Phelps’ agent), who at the time was naming off a string of clients INCLUDING Lochte!!! What happened? This was in 2008! When did Ryan drop Peter for Erika Wright? She doesn’t have the same vision for Ryan as Peter had. Peter and MIchael knew they wanted start a partnership that included sponsors who reflected Michael’s image. When Ryan was still with Octagon/Peter, I remember really liking him. His image wasn’t this flamboyant, flashy, boastful swimmer. He and Phelps also had great chemistry (look at past youtube videos of races in the relays or even against each other, where they… Read more »
I hope this does not offend anyone but I have been a fan of Lochte’s since before Beijing. I think since he got with his new manager and pr..that he has went down hill. First of with the hair cut.. sorry guys but that hair trademarked him. He looks good now..but not all guys can pull of those locks and he did. Then there is the cheap merchandise, and now all this bs just to cash in. Ryan may not be a douche. But in the eye of the public, the media, and his pr team are making him seem that way. And not to mention his mother, my mother knows the term “one night stand” as being.. sleeping with… Read more »
Lochte’s stock crashed during the Olympics. Worst. Week. Ever. Shall we name the ways? I’ll do my top ten: 1) wanted to wear his grill on the podium after the 400 IM, but wasn’t allowed 2) lost the gold for the U.S. in the 4×100 free relay 3) favorite to medal in 200 free but didn’t make the podium 4) mother told the media he likes one night stands 5) admitted to the media that he pees in the pool 6) Lochte’s house in Florida was foreclosed 7) favored in 200 back and got bronze, and favored in 200 IM, his last showdown with Phelps, and got silver 8) announced his ultimate ambition: appearing on Dancing with the Stars 9)… Read more »

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