Ryan Lochte Files Paperwork to Trademark “Jeah”

Most swim fans already associate the exclamation “Jeah!” with swimming superstar Ryan Lochte. Now, he’s seeking to make it legal. Records at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s website show that on August 1st, he filed paperwork to patent the expression (which he says means “good,” he guesses) to protect his right to produce apparel like his $15 sunglasses that bear the phrase.

Lochte says that the expression has evolved from rapper Young Jeezy, who says “Chea”. Lochte just dropped the “ch” and replaced it with a “j”.

The record shows that Lochte is trying to grab the trademark for a number of industries, including all sorts of apparel. There is already another claim to the word, but that is specifically in the industry of internet hosting.

The full record from the U.S. Patent Office can be seen here.

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Ryan Lochte is great. This is ridiculous if it is outside the specifics of an apparel line and if it is the name of his apparel line than it is a no-brainer–no news at all. Still, any hip-hop fan knows copy that “Chea” and “Jeah” are totally indistinguishable–sorry Ryan–that’s b.s.

If this kid and his PR team don’t stop with all this stupid stuff, there’ll be no JEAH for him in 2016.

That’ word ‘ has been around w rappers since the 80’s. MC Eiht (Comptons Most Wanted) used the word in every song/movie he has been associated with.
What a joke.


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