Ryan Lochte 100 Butterfly Post Race Interview – 2014 Arena Grand at Mesa

Swimming video edit via Coleman Hodges

2014 Arena Grand Prix at Mesa – MEN’S 100 Butterfly reported by Braden Keith

So the storybook version of the men’s 100 fly final in Michael Phelps’ big comeback didn’t go exactly according to plan, but afterall, it’s sort of Ryan Lochte’s comeback too. Neither swimmer lept out to a big lead at the turn, and neither is really want to do so in their ideal race, Coming off of the turn, however, Lochte took command and opened up about a half-a-body length lead.

But Phelps showed the fight we all know in him, that fight that caused him to be so great as much as his talent, and with Lochte tightening up a little in the last 15 meters, Phelps made it a close race.

Lochte, however, had juts enough left for the last couple of strokes, winning in 51.93 – a time that ranks him 2nd in the world so far this year. Phelps took 2nd in 52.13.

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I’m the first to call myself a Lochte fangirl, but I’m glad to see this. I was a little disappointed to see the immediate post-race interview turn into a Phelps interview. Phelps may be a thousand times more articulate and the highlight of Mesa, but Lochte should’ve gotten the same treatment all the other winners got.

Ryan couldn’t be interviewed because he was too winded to speak. Phelps was taking it easy and let him win, so he SHOULD have been the one interviewed anyway.

Me might be the best troll we’ve ever had on SwimSwam, just barely topping Charles Morton, Esq. Kudos.

You think I’m trolling? Maybe I was exaggerating about “taking it easy”, but I didn’t see Michael struggle with speaking to Rowdy or getting out of the pool the way Ryan did. Did you see a different tape?

I saw one swimmer give 110% in that race and another swimmer give less. That’s all I’m saying.

Why do I think he would do that? Who knows? I think he just wanted to have some fun and just gauge the field. I think he believes he can beat Ryan when it really counts and because he’s had so much success in his career thus far, he was able to not take this race quite so seriously. Plus, he wants Ryan to be a good competitor. Beating Ryan yesterday when Ryan was already struggling with motivation may have killed his confidence…or it may have inspired him. But who knows?

Perhaps he wants Ryan to get too overconfident and overextend himself again so he comes off looking like a fool, and he comes off as a seasoned, mature pro. #image #PR


are we all seeing a multiple personality disorder play itself out here?

i try to keep my conversations with myself offline.

Are all of you the same person??????


too many conjectures and personal assumptions.
Yes, I saw that Lochte was breathing harder than Phelps.
The difference is, I didn’t immediately think and believe that Phelps threw Lochte a bone.

For me, Chaz has the edge due to name selection.

Let’s hear from a real swim fan instead of ladies who know nothing of swimming outside of looking at pictures of men in bathing suits all day. I know who you are.

Phelps is like Tiger Woods. He is the one that puts people in the seats, and did at Mesa. Mesa was sold out and more journalists and cameras were there than normal for one reason and everyone knows that. That equates to dollars and sponsorships that EVERYONE gets. That is exposure that everyone gets. Pro golfers understand that and I am sure pro swimmers do too. Masters viewership was down 26% without Woods and attendance was down in Indy last year without Phelps. Not a big shocker. Also people like to see the relationship between the two men which showed in the back and forth teasing in the interview.

Here come the pervy old lady fans from the gossip site. I see you…

Kajun Spice Keezy is it? Very entertaining. Looks like you’ll have some good material for #thighday.

The move to Swimmac has paid off for Ryan Lochte. He is doing well and seems genuinely happy to see the return of his old rival Michael Phelps to the water

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