Ryan Hoffer Destroys Dressel’s 17-18 NAG in 100 Free with 41.23

Scottsdale Aquatic Club’s Ryan Hoffer took down Caeleb Dressel’s National Age Group record in the boys’ 100 yard freestyle in a big way on Saturday night at the Speedo Winter Junior Nationals at University of Texas’s Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center.

Dressel had established the NAG as a member of the University of Florida men’s swimming and diving team when he finished second in the 100 free at the 2015 SEC Championships. He had first set the NAG in prelims with 42.31; he then came back and lowered it in finals to 41.90, marking the first time an 18-and-under had broken the 42-second mark.

Now it seems that the 41-second barrier could be in danger of falling to an 18-and-under as well.

Hoffer, who is only 17, blasted a 41.23 to win the event with a new meet, pool and national age group record. Prior to Saturday night’s swim, his best 100 free had been the 42.65 he went at Winter Juniors last year, in which he set the meet record.

Here are Hoffer’s splits, side-by-side with Dressel’s:

Hoffer, December 2015 Dressel, 2015 SEC Final Dressel, 2015 SEC Prelims
19.73 20.07 20.19
21.50 21.83 22.12
41.23 41.90 42.31

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6 years ago

He hit the Boom Switch. This guy is legit.

6 years ago

whats Morozovs record? This is insane. Although expect dressel to absolutely shatter Morozovs record, Hoffer already this close is scary.

Reply to  Pvdh
6 years ago

Morozov ~ :40.76 He split :19.14 when he swam that in 2013

6 years ago

That is absolutely absurd. He’s in 11th grade! 19.0/41.3, 45.5 fly and back. He is an ncaa dream swimmer with what he can do to relays

samuel huntington
Reply to  NONA
6 years ago

he will be the greatest NCAA recruit ever, by a long shot

bobo gigi
6 years ago

Crazy time.
Long course is another sport but he has a shot at the relay team.
48.52 at olympic trials.

I think that Mr Dressel will respond at next NCAAs.

Victor P
Reply to  bobo gigi
6 years ago

I think he’ll go sub 48 at Olympic trials next year. I’m thinking sub 48 for all of the following (if they contest it):


6 years ago

I think hoffer just put himself ahead of David Nolan for the title of best NCAA recruit ever. And he’s only halfway through 11th grade. Wow

Old sprinter
Reply to  Paul
6 years ago

You may be overlooking the high school years of Mark Spitz. I believe he had several national records before graduating and was an Olympic star before enrolling at Indiana.

6 years ago

Ryan Hoffer breaks 40 by the end of 2017. He might not be the first, Dressel surely has the potential to do it too / earlier, but I would not put it past Hoffer. He would have to take it out 19 low, back 20 mid but still. 2 years to drop less than 1.5? Not out of the question.

6 years ago

All I can say is WOW! I think his Dad is the former Mizzou coach, right? How tall is Ryan Hoffer? That time is absolutely mind boggling for a high school junior. Hard to believe……

Reply to  Billy
6 years ago

That is his uncle Brian Hoffer. His dad is a chiropractor in Scottsdale.

T Hill
Reply to  Billy
6 years ago

His dad-sprinter / mom are former ASU swimmers, older brother was ASU ass’t women/men for approx. 8-9yrs. before taking over Missou with their ancient old pool. Great family !
Congrats Ryan !

6 years ago

PLEASE GO TO TEXAS!!!! EDDIE WILL MAKE YOU AN UNBEATABLE MONSTER!!! At least in SCY. Potentially LCM, but we need more proof to see if he has potential.

Arizona State Swimmer
Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 years ago

I believe both of his parents went to ASU, and, given that Bo Bowman is now coaching there, he will most likely swim at ASU. Either way, he has his pick of where he wants to go. Number one recruit by far this year and possibly in history.

Reply to  Arizona State Swimmer
6 years ago

How many sprinters have ever chosen to swim with Bowman? I know I wouldn’t.

Reply to  bobthebuilderrocks
6 years ago

I’d like to see him go to Florida to train with Dressel and Rooney. He’d for sure get better at long course, and those three could very well make up the nucleus of our 2020 Tokyo men’s relay squads.

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