Rick Curl Sentencing Set for Thursday (May 23rd)

by Ceci Christy 28

May 22nd, 2013 National, News

Tomorrow in Rockville, Maryland Rick Curl will be sentenced based on his plea of guilty of sexual abuse of a minor.  The victim, Kelley Currin, who is now an adult will attend the 1:30 PM sentencing hearing and make her victim statement to the court. 

After the sentence is issued, Ms. Currin will make a public statement at the courthouse, where she is expected condemn how USA Swimming and its representatives and coaches handled her situation when the abuse occurred and more recently when she came forward with the details of her abuse. 

We will provide the sentencing hearing details tomorrow afternoon.

In February, Curl pled guilty to one count of sexual abuse of a minor. The case stems back to abuse of Currin when she was a member of his Curl-Burke Swim Club in the 1980’s and a budding national-level prospect. Documents have shown that Curl paid Currin’s family $150,000 at the time in exchange for her not pressing any charges in the matter or speaking publicly about it.

He is currently out of prison on $50,000 bond.

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This is just sick, I can’t believe he is only going to be serving 10 years for this. Or that the team can just change their name and it is all good. Should have been some more severe punishments from governing bodies.


The maximum sentence is 15 years. Where does it say that he will serve 10 years?

I don’t think the team or them changing their name has anything to do with what his sentence is going to be. That is what the judge recommended.


NCAP has moved on from this scandal. In addition, Curl was not on deck the last 3 years and he was in Australia before that for awhile. But that being said, this was tough and continues to be tough for those who knew Curl. Curl was not like this. He messed up once but was well respected as a coach with strong values. He should not be forced to serve a long time in prison because some crazy parents let this slip by 30 years ago.


He didn’t just “mess up once.” He continued it for years. Many, MANY instances. While I agree that everyone can be defined by more than just their actions, some actions, especially when repeated and immoral and illegal, must be accounted for. His “strong values” include statutory rape and cover-up.

Nice to be able to say that Curl/NCAP has moved on from this….the whole program was based off of his reputation…changing the name, doesn’t change that…they weren’t starting form scratch after the name change and buidling up on their own! Exactly where do you think they money that each family paid was going to? Do you think none of it went to Curl? (He wasn’t just a figure head)They wrote his name on a check every time they paid their dues…..and he certainly wasn’t able to go to Australia and stay off the deck and ‘survive’ with his family doing nothing. Also agree, he didn’t mess up once….it was over and over and over again….the only reason he stopped was… Read more »


Actually the whole program is based off of the hard work of the coaches and the swimmers; Rick hasn’t coached in over 10 years. They aren’t still successful because of him.


Curl clearly deserves to be punished for the horrible things he did. However, Currin and her family are at fault here as well. 1. At age 13 you know better than to have an affair with the swim coach. 2. The family was thinking of their own interests only and had no regard for the safety of other potential minors when they accepted a large sum of money in exchange for their silence. How many others were put at risk because of this selfishness? 3. Currin has the nerve to blame USA swimming for their inaction when it was her family and their attorneys who covered up the whole thing for personal financial gain. Currin seems to fault everyone else… Read more »


Currin should have pushed USA Swimming if she felt like they weren’t doing anything. Instead, she just speaks up when she chooses. And then blames USA Swimming for everything. News flash: you waited 30 years! And you blame THEM for taking their time? Curl deserves some time in prison, but Currin should stop playing the blame game.


just because you may not agree with the way the Currin family went about this does not make it okay for USA Swimming to look the other way on this matter. If it is in fact the case that USA Swimming has been aware of this for awhile, then it should be a black eye for them and hurt the credibility of the Safe Sport Program they are trying to push.

and I don’t think it is cynical to believe that USA Swimming has known about this for quite some time considering this was hardly a huge secret regarding Curl. USA Swimming sure didn’t have a problem letting him on the pool deck at Olympic Trials….


Was Curl at Olympic Trials?


yes. on deck. saw him on tv.

He was. He received a credential as the “coach” of a former CUBU swimmer who was in college, but represented CUBU at the Trials. Only one athlete on his card, and he didn’t actually coach or have any significant contact with said swimmer.

Are you kidding me?

Know why there’s such a thing as statutory rape? Because society widely agrees that 13-year-olds don’t have the wisdom or experience to make decisions about things like sexual relations with adults.
The family was probably ashamed, because it had gone on so long without their realizing it, and because they knew people like you would respond like this.
Remember how long ago her parents made this decision? Attitudes like yours were even more prevalent then, ossified into law enforcement and the legal system.
You are shaming Currin and her parents for speaking out, and shaming them again for not speaking out earlier. I think we call that a catch-22.


I couldn’t agree more with your statement-not sure how anyone here can actually say that a 13 year old girl should know better (thats a seriously biased statement). SEVERAL usaswimming coaches and members knew about the scandal, that is why they are to blame as well-no one was looking out for Currin at the end of the day.

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