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Explaining the Charges Filed Against Brock Turner

SwimSwam contributor and attorney Ceci Christy explains the nuance of the charges filed against Brock Turner in Santa Clara Superior Court.


Tucker Smith Added to USA Swimming Banned For Life List

Tucker Smith, a former Mechanicsville, Virginia swim coach, has been added to the USA Swimming list of Individuals Permanently Suspended or Ineligible.

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Vieth Report Key Points: Where Does it Go From Here? Vieth Compensated $25,000

See the full 125-page report, originally published via the Gunderson website, here. See all of our coverage of the Vieth Report here….


Accuser Moran: Banning Ivey Was the Right Thing to Do

Mitch Ivey’s alleged victim Suzette Moran spoke with Ceci Christy after his lifetime ban from USA Swimming went into affect this week.


Christy: An Intense Week In Sexual Abuse Includes Congressional Meeting

SwimSwam’s Ceci Christy disects what has been an intense week for USA Swimming.


Civil Complaint Filed Against USA Swimming, Sun Devil, et al. in Greg Winslow Allegations

A civil lawsuit has been filed in court in Maricopa, County Arizona surrounding Greg Winslow allegations.


Woessner Explains Safe Sports Investigation Process; No Knowingly False Reports

USA Swimming SafeSport Director Susan Woessner explains the process further, and shares that to date, there have been no knowingly false abuse reports.

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Christy: Utah Admits Winslow Should Have Been Fired in 2012

At the press conference held today by Utah State University President David Pershing and Athletic Director Chris Hill, they revealed…


Christy: Why Maricopa County Declined to File Charges Against Greg Winslow

Ceci Christy, after speaking with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office, explains why no case was pursue against the former Sun Devil Swim Club and University of Utah coach. (Photo: Tim Binning/


Christy: Alleged Ivey Victim Says Relationship Was “Fully Consensual”

Ceci Christy spoke today with the alleged victim of Mitch Ivey, and got her perspective on their relationship.


Rick Curl Sentenced in Maryland; Will Spend 7 Years in Prison

Ceci Christy was in the courtroom in Rockville, Maryland as former high-level swim coach Rick Curl was sentenced today. UPDATE:…


Rick Curl Sentencing Set for Thursday (May 23rd)

Tomorrow in Rockville, Maryland Rick Curl will be sentenced based on his plea of guilty of sexual abuse of a…


Bill Jewell Unsuccessful in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against FAST

In July 2011, Bill Jewell filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Fullerton Aquatics Sports Team, Inc. (“FAST”) and its board…


Update: Former Connecticut HS Coach Schare Pleads Not Guilty; Facing New Charges

Former Westport, Connecticut Staples High School swim and dive coach and math teacher, Jeffrey Schare, pled not guilty to all…


Sexual Abuse Allegations Against Greg Winslow Brought Forward in October 2012; No Charges Filed Yet

Jerry Cobb of the Maricopa County Attorney’s office tells us today that the sexual abuse  allegations against Greg Winslow by…

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