Richmond Women & George Washington Men Lead A10 Championships – Day 3

More records were broken during Atlantic 10 Day Three finals as the teams scrambled to add to total team points.

Medals earned at A-10 Day Three Finals:


Duquesne – 1 silver

Richmond – 1 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze

UMass – 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

Davidson – 3 gold

Fordham – 1 silver, 1 bronze

George Mason – 1 gold

Rhode Island – 1 bronze

La Salle – 1 bronze



UMass – 1 bronze

George Washington – 5 gold, 1 bronze

Fordham – 2 silver, 1 bronze

St. Louis – 1 silver, 1 bronze

St. Bonaventure – 1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze

La Salle – 2 silver, 1 bronze


Women’s 400 IM

1 Meriza Werenski, UMass, 4:17.46

2 Lexi Santer, Duquesne, 4:17.74

3 Meg Polaha, Fordham, 4:18.30

After earning a silver in the 200 IM on Day Two, Meriza Werenski, UMass senior, came back to take gold in the 400 IM. Lexi Santer, Duquesne junior, came in 2nd (4:17.74), followed by Fordham senior Meg Polaha in 3rd (4:18.30).

Men’s 400 IM

1 Michael White, St. Bonaventure, 3:52.18

2 Greg Lombana, Fordham, 3:56.35

3 Austin Nguyenphu, St. Louis, 3:56.63.

Michael White, St. Bonaventure senior, dropped over 6 seconds and cruised to a victory in the 400 IM while Fordham freshman Greg Lombana (3:56.35) and St. Louis senior Austin Nguyenphu fought for 2nd and 3rd with Lombana out touching Nguyenphu at the end.

Women’s 100 Fly

1 Sydney Fisher, George Mason, 53.48

2 Mia Bullock, Fordham, 54.44

3 Hannah Matheson, Richmond, 55.17

Sydney Fisher, George Mason senior, holds the A-10 Conference Record in the 100 Fly. She didn’t quite beat her own record tonight but still emerged victorious with a gold medal. Fordham freshman Mia Bullock swam 54.44 to take silver, followed by Richmond senior Hannah Matheson who swam 55.17 to take 3rd place.

Men’s 100 Fly

1 Andrea Bolognesi, George Washington, 46.91

2 Ryan McCoy, St. Louis, 47.05

3 Cameron Fadley, La Salle, 47.94

George Washington senior Andrea Bolognesi (46.91) dropped .45 from his morning swim to break the Conference Record and Meet Record set by St. Louis junior Ryan McCoy in the morning. McCoy placed 2nd swimming a 47.05. Cameron Fadley, La Salle senior, rounded out the group on the podium with the bronze and a time of 47.94.

Women’s 200 Free

1 Elise Lankiewicz, Davidson, 1:45.14

2 Virginia March, Richmond, 1:48.10

3 Annie Lane, Richmond, 1:48.80

Elise Lankiewicz, a senior from Davidson, dropped 4.94 seconds from her morning swim and broke her own Conference Record, Meet Record and Spire Institute Pool Record swimming a 1:45.14. Richmond swimmers Virginia March, freshman, and Annie Lane, junior, took 2nd and 3rd places to help increase their team’s move into 1st place in team points.

Men’s 200 Free

1 Moritz Fath, George Washington, 1:37.35

2 Joe Vizza, Fordham, 1:37.75

3 Maximillian Forstenhaeusler, George Washington, 1:37.95

The medals were all earned by freshman in the 200 Free with George Washington swimmers Moritz Fath (1:37.35) and Maximillian Forstenhaeusler (1:37.95) in 1st and 3rd places while Fordham’s Joe Vizza blasted a 23.75 the last lap to take silver.

Women’s 100 Breast

1 Katy Williams, Davidson, 1:01.63

2 Ansley Baker, UMass, 1:01.84

3 Nicole Petta, Rhode Island, 1:02.16

Kathy Williams, Davidson senior, holds the current A-10 Conference record and Meet Record (1:01.23). She didn’t quite beat it tonight but she swam 1:01.63 to take the gold medal home. Ansley Baker, UMass sophomore, earned silver with a time of 1:01.84 and Nicole Pelta earned her team’s 1st medal tonight by swimming a 1:02.16.

Men’s 100 Breast

1 Andrea Bolognesi, George Washington, 52.24

2 Preston Schilling, St. Bonaventure, 54.17

3 Matt Goetler, St. Bonaventure, 55.18

Just minutes after breaking records in the 100 Fly, George Washington senior Andrea Bolognesi broke his own Meet Record and Pool Record from prelims this morning swimming a 52.24. He also still holds the A-10 Conference Record of 52.06 which he set in 2016. St. Bonaventure teammates and seniors, Preston Schilling (54.17) and Matt Goetler (55.18) took silver and bronze.

Women’s 100 Back

1 Hannah Gouger, Richmond, 53.69

2 Maggie Pope, Richmond, 54.89

3 Olivia DiStefano, La Salle, 55.07

Richmond teammates, freshman Hannah Gouger (53.69) and senior Maggie Pope (54.89) increased Richmond’s total points by taking 1st and 2nd place in the 100 back. Olivia DiStefano, La Salle sophomore, took bronze with a 55.07

Men’s 100 Back

1 Gustav Hokfelt, George Washington, 46.94

2 Fabian Bergman, La Salle, 47.41

3 Oliver Wyeth, George Mason, 48.30

Gustav Hokfelt, George Washington junior, broke his own Meet Record and Conference Record which he set this morning in prelims. The silver went to Fabian Bergman, La Salle junior, and the bronze went to Oliver Wyeth, George Mason junior,

Women’s 3-Meter Diving

1 Emma Roush, UMass, 293.25 points

2 Irina Chiulli, Richmond, 288.95 points

3 Katie Polk, UMass, 274.65

UMass divers, junior Emma Roush and sophomore Katie Polk, took 1st and 3rd place in 3-meter diving to help their team climb to 2nd place in point totals by the end of the evening. Richmond senior Irina Chiulli earned 2nd place helping her team move to 1st place.

Women’s 400 Medley Relay

1 Davidson, 3:41.94

2 Richmond, 3:43.46

3 UMass, 3:45.49

The Davidson team of senior Elise Lankiewicz, sophomore Anabelle Durham, senior Katy Williams and senior Erica Clancy cruised to take their 2nd gold medal in relays this meet with a victory in the 400 Medley. Richmond placed 2nd with a team of freshman Hannah Gouger, sophomore Morgan Soulia, senior Hannah Matheson, and junior Annie Lane. The UMass team (sophomore Maddie Biron, senior Sydney Connor, sophomore Rachel Grant, and sophomore Ansley Baker) barely out touched Fordham to take 3rd.

Men’s 400 Medley Relay

1 George Washington, 3:13.63

2 La Salle, 3:14.69

3 Fordham, 3:17.93

George Washington earned their 3rd gold medal for relays in the 400 Medley with a team of junior Gustav Hokfelt, senior Andrea Bolognesi, Ben Fitch, and freshman Maximillian Forstenhaeusler. La Salle placed 2nd (junior Fabian Bergman, junior Dimitrije Mladenovic, senior Cameron Fadley, and freshman Marcus Forsgren). Fordham’s sophomore Isaiah Magsino, freshman Sean Finley, senior Joe Mercurio, and freshman Joe Vizza  combined to earn the bronze medal.

Team points are starting to be more spread out as positions are solidified – totals after Day Three Finals are:



University of Richmond 413

University of Massachusetts 381

Duquesne 342.5

Fordham 296.5

Davidson 273

George Washington 214

George Mason 185.5

University of Rhode Island 151.5

St. Bonaventure 137.5

St. Louis 136

La Salle 115.5



George Washington 378

La Salle 346

University of Massachusetts 300

St. Louis 279

Fordham 276.5

St. Bonaventure 256

George Mason 247.5

Davidson 166

Michelle Lombana has been a swim mom for over 15 years, serving on various boards of directors for club swimming, summer swim league, and high school swimming. She founded College Swimming Guide to help simplify the recruiting process for swimmers who want to swim in college.

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