Relay World Record Onslaught Begins in Indiana

We will update this post with all of the results from the Indiana Relay Rally, where the Hoosiers are attempting to set World Records in the 8 new relays recognized by FINA beginning Wednesday. Note that all records are not official until FINA ratifies them, verifies doping controls, and the pool is measured.

#1. Mixed 400 Free Relay (Long Course Meters– Indiana’s Lindsay VroomanKait FlederbachSteve Schmuhl, and Jackson Miller combined for a 3:45.38 in the 400 long course free relay. That included an impressive 58.08 leadoff for Vrooman, which matches exactly her best ever swim in the race (which she’s now done three times).

Splits: Vrooman 58.08, Flederbach 58.44, Schmuhl 55.90, Jackson Miller 52.96

The Indiana relay of Matt GerthJames WellsStephanie Armstrong, and Olivia Barker took 2nd in 3:48.01. If USA Swimming begins recognizing National Age Group Records, then it would go to the Bloomington Swim Club for 13-14’s, who took 4th overall.

For what it’s worth, the Chinese mixed 400 free relay at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games went a 3:31.34, though it wasn’t ratified at the time as a World Record.

#2. Mixed 400 Medley Relay (Long Course Meters) – Allie DayMike HurleyTanner Kurz, and Haley Lips combined for a 4:13.47 in the mixed 400 medley relay. Again, the Hoosiers had to use a breaststroker on their butterfly leg, like they did more-than-once in championship season in 2013, but fortunately they have incredible depth in that event.

Note that China was an unratified 3:52.52 at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games, and the American Relay at that meet was a 4:02.90.

#3. Mixed 200 Medley Relay (Short Course Meters) – James Wells, Cody Miller, Gia Dalesandro, and Olivia Barker won the mixed 200 medley after the pool was changed from long course meters to short course meters. Their final time was 1:49.87. Wells led off in 26.47 and Miller followed with a 28.56 50 breaststroke split. The women finished off the relay, with Dalesandro splitting a 27.81 and Barker anchored in in 27.08.

The team of Allie Day, Tanner Kurz, Bailey Pressey, and Matt Gerth finished second with a time of 1:51.05.   

The European Record for the Mixed 200 Medley relay was swam at the 2012 European Championships by France with a time of 1:38.74.

#4. Women 200 Medley Relay (Short Course Meters) – Grace Padget, Heather Hayes, Bailey Pressey, and Madeline Webb swam to a time of 2:04.34.

This race has been swam at the European Short Course Meters Championships and in 2009, a team from the Netherlands had the WBT (World’s Best Time, as opposed to a WR) with their time of 1:42.69. That swim in 2009 was before the new FINA rules went into effect, and therefore can not count as a FINA World Record.

#5. Men 200 Medley Relay (Short Course Meters) – Curtis Goss, Blaine Nichols, Kyle Johnson, and Tanner Kurz completed the mens 200 medley relay in 1:50.07.

In 2009, Russia swam this event in 1:31.80.

#6. Mixed 200 Freestyle Relay (Short Course Meters) – Bailey Pressey, Stephanie Armstrong, Tanner Kurz, and Cody Miller finished first with a time of 1:41.16. They split 27.64, 26.36, 23.71, and 23.55.

France was 1:29.64 in this event in 2012 at the European Championships.

#7. Women 200 Freestyle Relay (Short Course Meters) – Stephanie Marchuck, Claudia Dicapau, Audrey Scott, and Grace Padgett touched the wall with a new unofficial world record in 1:54.97.

The Netherlands set the European Record in this event in 2009 at 1:33.25.

#8. Men 200 Freestyle Relay (Short Course Meters) – Cody Miller, James Wells, Matt Gerth, and Philip Butler went 1:36.81.

France was 1:20.78 in this event in 2008.


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7 years ago

The name in #2 is Gia Dalesandro

7 years ago

Great idea, I could have had a world record

7 years ago

Since when is a 58 impressive for a w 100 free?

The answer -1973.

Reply to  Jg
7 years ago

Except that Dawn Fraser has crushed 58.9 in 1964

Reply to  aswimfan
7 years ago

Exactly. I was being a bit too . many still remember clearly the night Shane broke it. spectators took over an hour to file in .

What a night under the Harbour bridge ! They used to have to stand down off the blocks if. Train went by. Then there were the screams from the Big Dipper at next door Luna Park.

Now that was a real world record. What Is this rubbish? A 58 lol.

Reply to  Jg
7 years ago

Statistically that 58 compared to the current accepted wr of 52.3 is equal to a 11.9 100 track run. The 12 sec barrier was broken by a man- woman in 1932. Not surprising he-she took it all the way down to 11.6.

World records usually have a story that makes them exceptional.

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