Reacting to Summer McIntosh’s 400m Free LCM World Record (RACE ANALYSIS)


And here I thought things might slow down a little bit after Kate Douglass and Leon Marchand broke yards swimming for everyone. SHAME ON ME.

On night 1 of the Canadian World Trials, Summer McIntosh reminded you why she is still coming on very strong at just 16 years old, breaking her fist world record in the 400 free in 3:56.08.

McIntosh swam 3:56.08, which broke Titmus’ record of 3:56.40, set at the 2022 Australian Swimming Championships.

McIntosh’s first 200 meter split of 1:55.91 would have won a bronze medal at last year’s World Championships.

New WR Old WR #2 All-Time Old WJR
Previous Canadian Record
50m 27.34 27.58 27.73 27.85 28.08
100m 29.12 (56.46) 29.55 (57.13) 29.32 (57.05) 30.02 (57.87) 30.14 (58.22)
150m 29.65 29.70 29.94 30.04 30.42
200m 29.80 (59.45) 30.16 (59.86) 30.12 (60.06) 30.39 (60.43) 30.52 (60.94)
250m 29.65 30.11 30.30 30.07 30.29
300m 30.28 (59.93) 30.27 (60.38) 30.21 (60.51) 30.37 (60.44) 30.30 (60.59)
350m 30.26 29.75 29.92 30.33 30.09
400m 29.98 (60.24) 29.28 (59.03) 28.92 (58.84) 29.30 (59.63) 29.48 (59.57)
3:56.08 3:56.40 3:56.46 3:58.37 3:59.32

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Tracy Kosinski
2 months ago

I’m still in shock.

2 months ago

Interesting, all the time drop come from the first 200 while the 2nd 200 almost exactly the same ( old record was 0.01s faster!). Maybe seeing a charging Titmus will give Summer the extra drive for the finish.

2 months ago

Titmus could beat her but she would have to stay close enough so that she could outkick Summer down the stretch.

Titmus swam the last 50 in Tokyo in an absolute frenzy and split a 29.1. At the touch she looked over at Ledecky’s lane to make sure she had touched first. She did not care about the time, only that she had touched first.

Titmus may not have the fire inside her to do that again. But she knows how to pace a 400 better than anyone.

Last edited 2 months ago by Marklewis
2 months ago

Everyone is talking about the 200 free and 200 IM but I am excited to see her 400 IM

Reply to  Swimiiwin
2 months ago

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she breaks that world record this year. Maybe mildly if she breaks it this week, but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

2 months ago

comment image

Reply to  Swimster
2 months ago

Best scene from Tokyo Olympics.

Nada de Nada
Reply to  CY~
2 months ago

Thank you for the link.

Reply to  CY~
2 months ago

Thank you for the link! Love the Canadian announcers too =)

2 months ago

Her turns are sublime. Watch the power off the wall on that last turn. Incredible athlete

Reply to  Ron
2 months ago

Her turns have improved during her time in Sarasota.

2 months ago

Titmus now has to step up. It would be grand to see McIntosh break Pellegrini’s 200 free record.

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