Race Video: Rachel Bootsma Faces Adversity with Racing Outdoors in the Women’s 50 m Back

  5 Gisselle Kohoyda | August 11th, 2014 | National, News

Rachel Bootsma hugged the lane line the whole race but ended up taking the A final with a time of 28.35. Cheyenne Coffman took second and Oliva Smoliga took third.

Clara Smiddy took the B final with a time of 28.95 as Madison Kennedy took second with a time of 29.15.

Taylor Garcia took the C final with a time of  29.35.

A Final: Rachel Bootsma, Cal, 28.35, Lane 4

B Final: Clara Smiddy, AKS, 28.95, Lane 5

C Final: Taylor Garcia, BC, 29.35, Lane 3

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I just wanted to add, that is an exceptionally beautiful photo by Tim Binning of Rachel above your report, who as Bobo stated is very pretty! 🙂

Rachel has one of the best backstroke starts around! With both Rachel and the best female backstroke starter in history, Natalie Coughlin, at Cal, I certainly hope a concerted effort is being made to improve Missy and Elizabeth’s starts as well, especially now that Natalie has announced she will not be competing in the event anymore! Rachel is clearly confident in her 50 back and shows every sign of enjoying that race. I also watched an interview where she stated she was very happy and motivated at Cal. I hope she will ramp up the intensity of her training in the next 2 years until she becomes equally confident in her 100 and gets her times back down near 59… Read more »

Rachel is a very pretty girl. 😎
And happy she has qualified too. 🙂


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