Queensland, Australia Announces Bid for 2032 Olympic Games

Queensland, Australia will bid to host the 2032 Olympic Games after the state government signed off on a plan on Monday morning. The official bid will be launched once the Federal Government gives the plan its final blessing, according to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

That final approval is viewed as a rubber-stamp, given that the Prime Minister’s representative on the delegation, Ted O’Brien, welcomed the decision.

Queensland’s bid, if successful, would be unique, in that hosting would go to the state as a whole, rather than to a single city – though in practice, most Olympic Games are hosted in multiple cities because of the enormity of staging. Queensland recently hosted the 2018 Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast.

The state says that they will spend the next 6 months evaluating which existing venues could be used for the event, with an initial plan of using the Gabba in Brisbane to host the opening ceremony. That venue is currently a 42,000 seat cricket ground, but as an outdoor venue could be easily expanded.

Queensland is the firmest of the potential 2032 bidders. While at this point, most bids are speculative and in very early stages, a few other countries and/or cities have expressed some interest publicly about hosting. That includes:


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seems plausible for a win – 32 years since Sydney hosted in 2000


That seems unfathomable considering our beloved Phelps swam in Sydney… oh how time flies


A joint North/south Korea bid is too hilarious to not happen.

In all seriousness Brisbane would be a fantastic selection.

Old Man Chalmers

it’ll probably be similar to the cwg with most sports on the gold coast and some elsewhere


Most in Brisbane according to Wikipedia:

“The document suggests Brisbane would be host of 21 Olympic venues, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast would both host 5 venues, with the remaining 7 venues to be hosted within the SEQ region.”


As a Gold Coaster I really hope it happens, but it’s still so far away. I think they were originally gonna bid on 2028 but the IOC awarded it to LA without a bidding process.


Loved the commonwealth games last year . We went to 5 events and wished for more . Brilliant .


2032 is still 12 years away! not sure we would even see the current stars of today anymore .. like dressel Chalmers cate Campbell Ledecky etc ..


Of course they’ll be gone but there’ll be new stars. It’s still a bit sad to consider the never ending turnover of sports stars with their (relatively) short careers.


We might see Regan Smith attempting to become the first female swimmer to win the same event in four consecutive Olympics. Only Phelps in the 200 IM has done it and Smith would be about the same age then as what Katinka Hosszu is now.


If I’ve ever seen someone get ahead of themselves… xD
Regan’s still got to win one Olympics first.

Old Man Chalmers

and we have no idea what her trajectory will be like

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