Quadcopter Cam: See the IUPUI Natatorium from a brand new angle

As tweeted to us from Kelly McCommons (@KellyJamesTV): Indiana-based tech company Dodd Technologies took its new Quadcopter for a test run using the famous IUPUI Natatorium as its proving grounds.

The video footage from the Quadcopter (essentially a helicopter powered by 4 spinning rotors) gives you a true birds-eye view of the storied swimming facility and truly gives you a sense of how big the facility actually is.

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6 years ago

I’ve totally had this dream before

C Martin
6 years ago


Reply to  C Martin
6 years ago

Artist – Glitch Mob
Song – Fortune Days

6 years ago

Very cool! The crew from Dodd is always top notch and great to work with. They always come up with some creative solutions.

Seems to me a very skilled drone operator could provide some interesting and detailed perspectives in which to inspect critical facility components normally hard to see or reach safely.

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