Putting on Your Championship Suit, 1 Leg at a Time

This weekend, we’ve begun posting lots of articles about how to buy and care for the expensive championship-level suits that swimmers will start to load up on for this coming season. In this article, we will discuss the way to put on these suits. Believe it or not, there is a very specifc method for putting one on, to make sure that all of the seams are in the right place, to avoid tears, and to keep from stretching out the suit too much. This guide from SwimOutlet.com describes the method for getting them on. And once you’re done with your race , follow our suit care instructions to make sure that it lasts as long as possible.

Slow, step by step, no fingertips

1. Place one leg in the suit, making sure seams are correctly positioned.

2. Gently pull up the suit to just above the knee making sure the material is pulled tight and there are no creases.

3. Repeat the process for the second leg, correctly positioning seams and gently pulling the suit just above the knee, taking care to eliminate all of the creases.

4. Once the suit is past the knee on both legs, begin the process of pulling it up bit by bit alternately up each leg.

5. Do not use fingernails to pull the suit. Pull the suit up with the care that you would use with a delicate pair of tights.

6. Before attempting to pull the suit over the rear ensure that the legs have been fully pulled up to the top of the thighs and crotch.

7. Then hitch the suit up over the rear and arrange the top of the legs, crotch and seams of the suit so it is comfortable and fitting well before pulling the suit up and over the core of the body (for girls suits).

8. Any adjustments to the top of the suit need to be made to the bottom first. Always pull from the knee up to adjust the butt and shoulders.

9. Do not rush putting on the suit. Allow plenty of time to put on correctly.

10. For extra care, use gloves to make sure that your finger nails don’t snag the suit.

Helpful Tips
*Wet fingers will help grip the fabric and pull up the suit.
*Adjust the suit from the knees up to the hips to adjust the shoulders.
*Make sure the crotch seems are high on the hip bones.
*If top of suit is too big then size down.
*Take your time!

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