Prosecutor Says State Has Photographic Evidence Against Walkotten

An assistant district attorney said in court this week that the prosecution has “photographic evidence” and a confession from former Marlins of Raleigh coach Nicholas Walkotten, accused of improprieties with an child.

Walkotten was arrested last week and charged with five sex offenses: one felony count of indecent liberties with a child and four counts of statutory sex offense with a child under 15. The 32-year-old was a college swimmer at Indiana and South Carolina, and had also coached for UNC – Wilmington and YMCA of the Triangle.

WRAL reports that at Walkotten’s first court appearance, Wake County Assistant District Attorney Katy Pomeroy said prosecutors had photographic evidence to back their case, and had evidence that Walkotten tried to destroy evidence.

“There is a text message chain between the victim and this defendant in which he does encourage her to delete a lot of their correspondence,” Pomeroy said in the WRAL story.

The Marlins of Raleigh say Walkotten was fired two weeks ago, when the allegations came to the club. Walkotten now appears in the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s database of disciplinary records. He is currently listed with an “interim measure – suspension” as of August 2nd.

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Little Naylor

We all need to keep in mind, our judicial system is a game. We have two teams fighting to win regardless of the actual situation. Each team makes things up, exaggerates, and flat out lies just to win. Does not matter who or what they are fighting for it against. It is just a lose or win situation to them. Then the news stations. They have things they Call teasers to lure us in. They too will lie exaggerate to get the best story to have the most views. They will report things that may not be true. They are getting information from the players in the game. It is horrible to watch peoples families hurt and torn apart for… Read more »


You have very little understanding of the US legal system.

Little Naylor

I know the legal system can be corrupt. I know innocent people are charged and convicted on lies. You know this too. Evidence being planted or lost. People telling lies to help their side of the team. I know some about the legal system and I know a lot about humans. Trials go on without everything being presented because of one thing or another. Jurors kept in the dark on some facts or evidence. The whole story is NEVER told in criminal court. People are accused of things that they did not do every day. In my above comment I only stated that we are not hearing everything and some of what we are hearing is lies. Do you know… Read more »


Just stop

Little Naylor



He confessed. Yes I do know him. That is all that is needed to know that at a minimum this guy should never be around children again.

Little Naylor

I do too. Confessed with no lawyer while in a little room with people threatening him and his future. Offering him deals telling him lies. You do not know the whole story.


LITTLE NAYLOR, he knew for almost 2 weeks that he was going to be arrested. They have photographic proof of 2 of the charges. Do you think he is going to confess to touching a child if he didn’t?

Since you know him so well, care to comment on why he left UNCW?

Little Naylor

That was an adult, not a child.


You must have gotten out on the wrong side of the bed today. Wow. There’s some bitterness in your comment. The assistant DA announced the evidentiary finding as a fact, most likely to assure that this guy knows his goose is cooked. Maybe the defense wanted to have a trial, so they could get a chance to make issues of the “she said/he said” aspect, and to get the victim to chicken out. Likely, the defense knew that was the only chance they had to avoid a hefty sentence. Wth this action, the DA’s office said “not so fast, Creep!” and played their trump card. So, not only is there admissible evidence, there are new charges, and now, not a… Read more »

Little Naylor

Do you know him?


Do I know whom? Walkotten? No, I do not. But, I’m not commenting on anything personal, I am commenting on my understanding of the law. That said, if I did know him, I’d “shoot first and ask questions later,” if similar allegations came to my attention and I was in a position of authority. We’ve learned the bitter lessons of what happens when allegations of abuse are ignored or swept under rugs. By now we should have all learned that no matter how bad it might be to a friendship to call the authorities on such allegations, it is FAR worse for everyone involved NOT to.

Holy water

Yes, the best course of action is to let Walkotten’s behaviour continue!

SumTing Wong

The US Judicial system is very successful at putting ppl in jail .I can’t believe Americans are worse lol than elsewhere but the US has the highest as % wise & numbers of imprisoned in the world . The good news for our swim guy is that there is going to be a 3 week jail strike on soon . He could get to riot or sumthing like in the movies . One of the issues is that the ? amendment allows prisoners to be forced to work eg $1-3 an hour fighting wildfires . Like the Johnny Cash song where they raided the bars & honky tonks of Memphis to build the levees. Or swimfans might be able to… Read more »


Sumting is Wong with you


Those high percentages are due in large part to non-violent drug offenses and three strikes rules. “Bubblegummers” got sent to prison for long stretches because administrations wanted to look tough on crime.

As for people committing sexual crimes, one might argue that there aren’t enough of them in prison.

SumTing Wong

The left of centre 538 site had an article in 2015 ‘Releasing drug offenders won’t end mass incarceration’ . The international stats had The US at 725 per100, 000. Taka a look at the table compared to others , the US is amost 10x Egypt which is a Police State ( 2013-14 ) at the height of their Mubharek/ Morsi / Sisi crisis. France is 100 . Interestingly a swathe of British based are almost identical ( England Jamaica Namibia Zimbabwe Scotland Aust ) at 150 with Can lower at 100 & NZ higher at 190 . NZ & French Pacific territories are similar because of they share similar demographics & higher than Australia & French mainland . If you… Read more »


Dude. Get help.

ACC Swim

I feel sad. For the victim, for the victims family, for Mrs. Walkotten and her child. And lastly for Nick himself. Really all I hope for is peace amongst everyone’s heart and feelings. Time will eventually heal most of the wounds caused here. Nick will have a lot of time to think about what he did, likely for decades.


I honestly don’t see how anyone can feel sorry for Nick at this point. He did this to himself. It was a very selfish decision. And the outcome is likely to have negatively affected the lives of a lot of people. His poor wife must be in shock. No way she is standing by him at the end of this.

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