Former Marlins of Raleigh Coach Arrested For Sex Offenses

Former Marlins of Raleigh coach Nick Walkotten has been arrested and accused of having inappropriate contact with a child under the age of 15.

The 32-year-old Walkotten was arrested this week and charged with five sex offenses. The local ABC affiliate reports that the incidents allegedly took place between June 1 and August 1. The News & Observer reports that Wakotten is charged with five sex crimes: one felony count of indecent liberties with a child and four counts of statutory sex offense with a child under 15.

Walkotten had previously been a coach with the Marlins of Raleigh since August of 2015. He was a collegiate swimmer at Indiana and South Carolina, and had also coached for UNC – Wilmington and YMCA of the Triangle. We reached out to Marlins of Raleigh head coach Paul Silverand while he hasn’t yet provided us official comment, he did tell 11ABC that Walkotten was terminated two weeks ago when the club was made aware of the allegations. Silver told 11ABC that he contacted police immediately after hearing about the incident.

Update: Silver passed along the following statement:

“I received info 2 weeks ago that lead me to immediately file a report with safe sport on Nick.  The family contacted the police and filed a report that night also.  After speaking to the police that night, I sent Nick an email the next morning (Aug. 2) telling him he was terminated immediately and that safe sport and police reports had been filed.  That day his membership with USA Swimming was temporarily suspended.

“We fired Nick 2 weeks prior to the arrest and filed the reports.  Immediate action was warranted.

“This is shocking and saddening news and our main concern is the safety of the young people in our program.  In addition the privacy of the minor child is a top priority so I cannot speak about who, when, what or where.” reports that Walkotten was being held on $2 million bond and was schedule for a court appearance today.

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David Berkoff

I am sick and tired of news like this. How hard is it for coaches to understand that you don’t molest your athletes or even think of them in any kind of sexual way? They are kids goddamit! And you have the honor and privilege to guide them! The parents of these kids ENTRUST you to take care of and mentor their kids. How is this so hard for any coach to understand? And the fact that Paul Silver’s team is also the victim of this kind of crap makes me even sicker. Paul strongly advocated for changes to safe sport to better protect kids when I was on the Board and this still happens. Stop it. If you have… Read more »


On the other hand, I’d rather hear about coaches who do these things getting arrested, than know that these things happen all the time, and yet not see any news about them getting arrested.

Too many cases have been swept under the rug. I would hope that headlines about the arrest of molesters would at least deter some potential, would-be molesters out there… I agree especially with the last part: “If you have any predilection toward your athletes, get the hell out of the sport now.”


A lot of credit needs to go to Paul Silver though for immediately reporting the incident after being notified of it and putting in the work to get the coach off the staff and reported to both USA Swimming and to the authorities. Hopefully he and his team can heal with time.

the truth

Paul silver should be given NO credit. He knew exactly why Walkotten “resigned” at uncw. Never should have been allowed back on a pool deck near children.


I hear this exact same thing. I’m wondering how long it will take for the news to pick up on this and what happened at UNCW

the truth

Paul silver should be given NO credit. He knew exactly why Walkotten “resigned” at uncw. Never should have been allowed on pool deck near children.


@The Truth

Care to share why he resigned? Speculation or do you have facts?


Facts – He was sexting with a female on the team through snapchat. Some of the team members found out and the coach Jason (and possibly administration) let him resign because they’re buddies.


He was sending pictures and messages to a female athlete on the team through snapchat. Other team members found out about it and Memont allowed him to resign. Silver and others on staff knew.

the truth

what he said.


The Truth/SwimUsafan. If you knew this why didn’t YOU report it? If you knew Walkotten was a creep and violated safe sport rules why didn’t you say something. And please provide proof that Paul Silver knew anything about his termination before you claim he did.


How do you know that Silver and others on staff knew?

The Truth

I know that the parties involved were informed about the incedents and they decided to either ignore them or give him a second chance.


Again, you are also sort of culpable if you knew this about his past for a fact and yet didn’t do anything to report it. Not to say that if Paul Silver knew about it (which, for all I know, isn’t an undeniable fact) he wouldn’t be culpable too. Given Silver’s immediate actions when faced with this situation, I find it hard to believe that he had any idea of what the situation at UNCW was, if anything. If it was something like you’re describing that caused the resignation, then Memont is more at fault than Silver, IMO, for letting this psuedo-“boys club” mentality persuade him from reporting anything. Regardless, let’s at least all concur that it is a good… Read more »

the truth

I said I know that people with much more knowledge about the incident did something about it and decision makers chose to ignore it and/or decided to give him a second chance.That doesn’t make me culpable.

Yes its good he’s arrested and got caught. But knowing it could have been prevented from ever happening is terrible and people should be held accountable.


How did his position at YOTA end? Do we have any info whether or not he had a past there? It seems he could have been a repeat offender. A lot more teams and coaches can be culpable for not firing and immediately reporting.
The problem for Silver is that a parent found out and notified police, so he had no choice but to do the same.

Mark Wallberg

He left YOTA on great terms. It was known Nick wanted to go into NCAA coaching. However, we understand (from below) how that fell apart.


As a YOTA parent (whose son was young at the time), we heard he left because he wanted to be a college coach. There were no improprieties that I know of.


Allowing him to resign instead of reporting isn’t that a safe sport violation?


I’d be curious to know what Silver’s motivation would have been to hire someone with a background that was at all suspicious. No matter how good an assistant coach might be, it’s hard to see how they would be worth the risk. Something like this could take down the whole team.

Whatcha Talkin About Willis

Won’t take long for one team in Cary to start TACtifully recruit, I mean excepting, MOR parents to their team based on fear.


A++ comment


I think the agreement signed by the teams in the area not to allow recruiting TACtics to be used on any parents in the stands at swim meets still holds some weight. Right?…

Lee Armstrong

Okay, that is remark is out of line. Personally, my kids and myself know MOR since it’s beginnings. No one would go to another team that is just putting swimmers in lanes to make money. I was not impressed with the Titians


You prefer Rembrandt? Or Rubens?

Whatcha Talkin About Willis

Those TACtics are ignored by NC Swimming and nothing has been done so far. Picking off the fastest swimmers, from other teams, is their growth plan.. Nothing more than a money grab.


Since when has growing a strong team been a “money grab”? Sad that you went out of your way to make such a childish comment.

The Truth

This is a naive comment. The TAC Titan program doesn’t recruit swimmers, parents make a choice for where there children swim and sometimes that might mean changing teams. TAC loses swimmers to other teams just like any other program.

It’s unfortunate that such a heinous event occurred within the MOR program and it seems most on here only care about mocking the Titans.


Former MOR swimmer here. It perplexes me why an article about a disgusting act committed by someone that MOR parents and swimmers trusted is coming back and becoming a discussion on TAC. I’m not a fan of TAC, and I have seen friends of mine being recruited to join TAC, both by parents and by members of the TAC staff and team. All teams lose kids to other teams. It just so happens that TAC, which was formed by taking kids who practiced at their pool as members of two other teams, has had an extremely high rate of kids switching to their team in the past few years. But ultimately that holds no merit here when it comes to… Read more »


TAC recruits, period! Have not built a single senior swimmer themselves and only have a few there really good that came from other teams. Their age group kids are good because of recruiting and some questionable training practices that will not benefit their swimmers when they are older. Being good at age groups does not equate to being good at futures, at the top of the gold circle club, or getting your kids into D-1 schools. Anyone find it strange that a TAC Coach is on here making accusations about another team and their coach without any way to prove it? As the news articles have stated, Silver fired him immediately, was the first to report it to police, before… Read more »


Been on both teams, and had a kid who swam for the offender and sickens me as my child was about the same age when swimming under him. I think highly of both tac and mor. I think highly of Silver, and have found him professional and concerned about the kids he coaches. I’d be happy to have my child swim for him. My wife and I have been recruited by parents from both teams at different times and this was after the infamous letter. I disagree with the sentiment of the letter. mor and tac have both benefited from kids moving over. This is just swimming and kids should be supported to find the club that is a best… Read more »


Again, the issue at hand here has nothing whatsoever to do with TAC’s program or what they do or don’t do. This story is reporting a heinous act committed by a man who was employed by MOR, and the fact that he was caught and will be punished for his actions.

Raleigh area swimming is a mess, that much is clear, but let’s not avert from the issue to get our own agendas across on other teams. Let’s just agree that this arrest, at the end of the day, is a positive for people in the community, in that a disgusting human being is being taken out of it.


SwimFan252. Nothing about this post is accurate. What you are doing right now is recruiting for MOR by spreading lies about TAC. I am sure there are Titans on this thread and not a single one has trashed the MOR program. But, I see a lot of MOR parents on here trashing the Titans which is absolutely a form of recruiting. You know nothing of how the Titans train and what’s best for young swimmers. How does TAC recruit? They develop swimmers and help them reach there potential. Who wouldn’t want that for there children. Ultimately the swimmers parents have to make the decision to move there swimmer from one team to another.


SWIMDAD. I don’t have a dog in this fight, so I’m not recruiting for anyone. I don’t even live in the Raleigh area. I am involved with NCSwimming though. And 2 things are well known in the NC swimming community about TAC: 1.They recruit 2.They have questionable training techniques for their age group swimmers. (I’d also say that it is very questionable that their swimmers actually reach their potential) So I wouldn’t look at the negative comments about TAC being from “MOR parents”. This is the reputation TAC has in he swimming community in general. In my opinion, MOR probably isn’t bother much by TAC. The two teams aren’t really comparable right now. I wasn’t the TACtless person that started… Read more »


considering that the TAC age group coach won National Age Group Coach of the year in 2017 and is a top 10 finalist this year leads me to belive that their training is not questionable. the Titans have fast age group swimmers because they have a great coach and the athletes work hard. Maybe next time before posting an ignorent comment check your facts!!

just a swim dad

I disagree with much that you have said. I do have a dog in the fight as you put it, and I’m sure you didn’t intend to insult TAC senior swimmers (in your earlier post), but as a father of a kid in that group, I took insult and disagree with your from afar assessment. Please, consider your comments and remember, most people are here because of the development of the kids. Please leave my swimmer out of your beef. MOR is a solid club with a long history of performing well. It is a shame that Nick coached at all and it is a shame that MOR is associated with this. I hope both the girl and club recover.… Read more »


As I said, TAC does well at age groups. Particularly 12 and under. But as the ages go up, their performance goes down as other programs are heading up. Been this way for the last 5 years. If you want your kids peaking at 12, then great. If you want them peaking at 17-18, maybe not so great. You can also contribute a lot of the success at age group to recruiting and the training I mentioned before. . I’m sorry you are offended by what I said, I wasn’t speaking specifically of your child. I’m sure you are okay with the offensive things that a TAC coach has been saying on this thread about another team and their administration,… Read more »

Mark Wallberg

TAC and MOR have the most ridiculous parents/fans/coaches (whoever started this discussion). This is beyond embarrassing for both clubs. Y’all grow up.


I am a swimmer of TAC and switched from MOR, it was by choice not recruitment. I switched because people were getting fast, the team was building up. I left because of the reputation of TAC making athletes my age succeed not because they recruited me.


Does that make it okay then?! I think it is wildly inappropriate that you would recommend we brush over this incident and try to use it to push your own anti-TAC agenda.

G R.

Give Them A Break– you have no right or proper knowledge of the situation to bring that boy or ordeal into this. What he did is incomparable to what Nick has done. TAC has taken the proper Safe Sport guidelines with the situation and nothing was found, the child is swimming and has been cleared. As for Nick, he is suspended from safe sport and being held on a $2 million dollar bond because a police report was filed. There is no point in trying to blame MOR, Paul or accuse other teams of any sorts of this. The fact of the matter is that Nicholas Walcatooen is being accused of sexual indecencies with a minor and it is no… Read more »


Give them a break- Shame on you for naming a MINOR child in a public forum such as this. Do the right thing and remove your post.


Again. Patrick what proof do you have that Paul Silver knew why Wolkotten resigned. I’m just asking. All we know from this report is that he immediately reported the allegations to safe sport and the POLICE as soon as he found out what was going on. If there’s evidence that he was aware of Walkotten’s prior issues please share.

Lee Armstrong

Paul would not knowingly allow a coach to molest a child. Nor would he ignore precursors to such actions. My daughter coached at MOR, all my kids swam at MOR, and I volunteered many hours for MOR. Speculations are defamatory and slanderous. There are bad eggs everywhere, I applaud that Paul immediately reported the coach to USA Swimming and the Police. Why did Wilmington or YOTA not report him? This type of issue does not crop up over night. I am sure there were issues in all places he coached. So pray there are not more victims. Instead of placing blame on Paul. Think about this mans wife with a new born, and the child or children that suffered.

the truth

I’m sorry but you are wrong. The MOR staff knew and allowed him on deck.

Mark Wallberg

It’s a sad situation and looks like there may be some collateral damage here as well.


Paul Silver will do anything to advance Paul Silver. Go back to his association with John Candler or see what he had done numerous swimmers that were with him. We could talk about RSA too but that was before safe sport.


What are you referring to? Covering up other instances?


I know for a fact that a staff member complained and warned the administration at MOR about him. Administration thought that because she was over 18 it was only frowned upon. I know they spoke with Walkotten and warned him about doing anything like that at MOR. Paul Silver knew. Administration knew. All before he stepped foot on deck and they let it happen anyway. Of course they didn’t KNOW that he was going to target minor, because to everyone’s knowledge he had never done that before. But they knew about the risk and thought it severe enough to WARN him. You tell me if you think a stern talking to is enough to scare away a predator? So go… Read more »


To my knowledge, there were no issues while he was at YOTA; that’s why YOTA did not report him. There was nothing to report.


Snarky, I don’t have any proof. I’m not sure how you read my comment as an accusation. I was actually pointing out that it didn’t seem to make sense that a head coach would knowingly hire an assistant with this kind of a past.


Ah yes, the ugly head of the Raleigh swimming community is surfacing for all to see in these comments. Blood in the water so it will be a frenzy to point fingers and trash whatever team isn’t “yours.” Coach Nick was a good coach who was both well liked by swimmers/parents and produced results. Every adult that I have ever met has made some kind of mistake that they sure would not be proud if everyone knew. I’m sure Silver thought he was giving this guy a second chance, an opportunity to redeem himself and a short leash. It is a big leap to go from a twenty something trying to party with college kids to what he is accused… Read more »

The Truth

Yes I am an adult that has made some kind of mistakes over the course of my life that would not be proud if everyone knew. — But those mistakes aren’t inappropriate text and Snapchat messages with one of my swimmers or sexual misconduct with someone under the age of 15. You 100% cannot generalize this as mistakes everyone makes.

As I said before. I know that people with more knowledge of his previous incidents took necessary measures to warn MOR and those warnings were ignored.


Again-if ANY coach(es) had even second hand knowledge that inappropriate messages were sent between a coach and a swimmer and did not turn that coach in to Safesport-to me that coach(es) should immediately be suspended by USA Swimming as well. Monday morning quarterbacking about anyone’s actions other than your own does nothing. You are screaming I told you so, AFTER an incident that you seem to have had knowledge to prevent took place, and that does not one thing to help this victim. If you “know people that knew” why did YOU not do something?!? It is EVERY coaches responsibility to protect EVERY swimmer within USA Swimming regardless of what team they swim for. This is how this crap has… Read more »

The Truth

I have knowledge of MOR being told about these actions. I think I’ve been clear about that the whole time.


None of the staff knew! Silver was the one to report nick to the authorities. And what he did at UNCW wasn’t illegal because the girl wasn’t underaged. It was just frowned upon. I really liked coach nick- but I’m so happy that disgusting man is now behind bars. I was so shocked when I heard what he did. One word: Sickening.


I see. So “Coach Nick” who is obviously part of your boys club should get a second chance, and everyone ELSE should be suspended. I wonder what twisted world you live in. The “coach(es)” were still very much kids and went to who they thought were people who would would know what to do and they were told not to worry about it. Don’t tell me a 22 year old coach in their first job is to blame here. Maybe you can post your buddies 2million dollar bail so you two can hang out and be POS together.


I guarantee that I will sleep well tonight having no knowledge of his behavior before his arrest this week. If you are a USA Swimming certified coach you have a responsibility to every child under that umbrella. Your comment is horrifying. I don’t care whether you’re 22 or 82, if it’s your first job or your last- if you hear something say/do something. We are all required to do training (and have been for years) that covers all of this and explains the proper avenues to report incidents. From your comment it seems that you have first hand knowledge of the situation-I don’t blame the 22 year olds who had no clue about his past. But there is no way… Read more »


Is this the real David Berkoff?

The guy that swam almost a100 meters underwater?

The same guy that was under water for the Kelley Davies Currin debacle?

Like many in here, I was informed about Rick Curl’s crime. I was too young to process the nature of the crime when told in the warm-down pool at Boca Raton.

Comment all you like, Berkoff. You knew.

David Berkoff

H20 opinion. Yes this is David Berkoff. And while others who were coaches and friends of Kelly Davies (who I’ve never met) and had first hand knowledge were doing nothing I tried to get USAS to enact safe sport legislation because I heard rumors about a guy named Rick Curl (who I’ve also never met) who was molesting Kelly. And yes this is same Dave Berkoff who heard rumors from Kelly’s teammates who said nothing could be done because her parents entered into a settlement. Yet I did something. Yes this is the same Dave Berkoff who stuck his neck out while other wimped out. Yes this is the same David Berkoff who formed a subcommittee that made recommendations to… Read more »

Greg Burgess USMC

I’m sick of people who don’t know either Paul or Dave commenting. I first met Paul back a Nationals/ NJOs when I was 15 in 1987. While I spent 18 years away from the sport while serving my country, which is not the same as representing, he kept on me about the sport since we both lived in NC. No way I would have ever come back if not for him and his beautiful family. I was lucky enough that Dave picked me to be his roommate in 92.. No way I would have ever won a medal without his mentorship. There is no way that either of these amazing coaches/ family members would do anything to harm this great… Read more »

Steve Nolan

Dang, and here I thought most people would only grudgingly acknowledge “Two Combat Tours in Iraq,” but not this dude. (Also – slander has to be proven in court, too?)

Steve Nolan
Diddy Kong Racing International Top Ten
2x Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Champ
1 Teaching Tour in Thailand
6 Months Overseas

Mark Wallberg

Your past achievements mean nothing. I’ve been a member of USA and NCS for several decades. With that being said, I’ve never heard of you Greg. If anything it sounds you think YOU are better than everyone else! A lot of us know Paul – yes he is a great guy. But he made a decision to hire someone with a sketch background. Does that mean he should fall on the sword, NOPE. However there should be a discussion about it.

Lastly, I sincerely appreciate your duty. However, it carries no merits in this forum.


Everyone knew, and USA Swimming- allowed it to continue. As they allow all the things going on now, and in the past to continue, and all the covering up, victim shaming, and fighting against victims, instead of doing what’s right! I want to know who’s going to step up, and do something about it!!!!!!


Everyone knew? What did everyone know? And if you knew whatever it is you are saying everyone knew, why didn’t YOU do something?


There will always be sexual offenders as long as there are people who cannot control it. But clubs and parent can do a lot to prevent this from happening. If his crime is sexting, that could not be prevented. But, was there a sexual (physical) contact? If so, how was that possible? Why was she alone with him? How can parents allow that? Did it happen during practice or after practice? How could parents and club allow after practice individual contacts between swimmers and coaches? The club and parents are very much responsible for this as well.

Think about it

200 years ago people thought it was “sick and disgusting” for boys to marry boys. Now it’s is looked at as brave. This incident was mutual, whether you like it or not. I don’t get why the punishment for this is multiple years in prison when the girl who made her own decisions gets nothing. I agree this is disgusting but the punishment is way too harsh for a mutual relationship.


bad take

Steve Nolan

Welp, guess it’s 1077 swim jobs we might love.


Dude’s wife literally just gave birth to their first child two weeks ago. Messed up situation for a lot of people.

Don Megerle

It is sufficient to say ‘Dude’s wife just gave birth…’ ‘Literally’ is not necessary.

A$AP Pocky

imma be real with you chief



While I understand that the overuse of the word, “literally,” can be annoying, it is not wrong from a grammatical standpoint as even great writers, such as Dickens, literally use the word in their writings.

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