Practice + Pancakes: Tennessee Men Hit Suited Top-End Speed Post-Weight Workout

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

When SwimSwam was in Knoxville, we didn’t only get to see the lady Vols in the weight room. We also got to join the men in the weight room, as well as in the pool afterword for some suited top-end speed work. In the weight room, the men were going lower weight, higher intensity, working on feeling poppy and powerful.

Heading over to the pool, they suited up, got in a quick warm up, then had 2 stations. One was buckets with lighter weight than normal, again working on feeling fast and sprinty. But the show stealer was the running dive station, where we got to see Tennessee speed on full display. The set was focusing on working on breakouts and walls while going at top speed, or the speed you’ll ideally be at when you’re at conference:


1 x 15 sprint + turn + sprint back to wall

1 x 25 sprint + turn

1 x 50 sprint

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3 years ago

Ok boomer

3 years ago

Never seen anyone less excited for a running start 18.9 50 in workout

Reply to  Coach
3 years ago

Probably because it doesn’t mean anything?

Reply to  Name
3 years ago

Yeah AI, “your talking about practice?“

3 years ago

It looks like they’re using it to track workout metrics. Pretty cool!

3 years ago

Will be fun to see if this is the year the women take the SEC crown!

3 years ago

Whoever the sprinter is doing free who wins every time. How are his shoulders still intact. I’ve never seen someone’s arms go that vertical and I’m kind of impressed

Reply to  Jimbo
3 years ago

Stefan Nystrand wants to know your location

Reply to  Jimbo
3 years ago

That’s Alec Connolly

3 years ago

The VOLS look awesome in the weight room and in the pool. Pulling for them to upset the Gators this weekend and to shock the world at SECs!

Swim Coach
Reply to  Redneckhillbilly
3 years ago

Not sure that they are ready to take down the Gators but this team has certainly surprised me this year. They have competed well this year and recruiting looks better than it has in many year. That practice looked fun.

Reply to  Redneckhillbilly
3 years ago

Nope. Not even close.

Reply to  Swimmer
3 years ago

Looks like ole redneckedhillbillman is right as usual! Go Vols yes haw we done it!!!

Texas A&M Swim Fan
Reply to  Redneckhillbilly
3 years ago

Have to disagree with you (as usual). A&M women winning for a “5” peat would be “shocking the world” (won’t let you forget that Vol women were the “favorite” to win SEC last year & A&M women just “crushed” all of those hopes (without relays to boot))👍👍👍. Could the same thing occur with the A&M men this year? Well…. “maybe just maybe”!! I’m anticipating a “gigging” to occur (at no cost & in the “not too distant future”)👍👍👍.

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