Practice + Pancakes: Nitro Goes 60×50 on First “Fast” Practice Since Quarantine

FORM is swim goggles with a smart display. FORM is a sports technology company with a simple mission: to break down the barriers between what swimming is and what it could be.

It feels good to be back. And it tastes just as good. We went to a practice with Nitro Swim Club, who has been back in the water at close to full capacity for 5 weeks now. This Tuesday morning, they were going in for their first real time going “fast” since being back in the water. Their main set was as follows:

30×50 @ :50

  1. kick
  2. drill/swim
  3. pace

100 EZ

20×50 @ 1:00

  1. Drill/build
  2. Fast!

200 EZ

10×50 @ 1:30 Kick ALL OUT!

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2 years ago

This video got too much hate. The P&P videos are rad and we even used this set, slightly modified. Our kids did great with it and we appreciate the time it took to film and our this together.

I would like to see more of the coaching interviews.
The interview with Bob Bowman was awesome. Maybe do that with one of the Nitro coaches?

2 years ago

Our two kids have been swimming at Nitro for 7 years. The coaches at Nitro, especially the ones in this video, excel at their job and care deeply about their swimmers. I hold them in the highest regard, and trust them implicitly– enough to put my kids in their care almost every day. The video was not the best look for Nitro, but I know a short video does not, cannot show everything–like, for instance, how far away the coaches were when they had their masks partially down. I also know that there are very specific protocols in place at Nitro, including safe entry/exit procedures, no use of facilities except for restroom, only one person in restroom at a time,… Read more »

Todd M
2 years ago

Johns Hopkins University spokesperson told The Detroit Free Press. “Confirmed cases include presumptive positive cases and probable cases, in accordance with CDC guidelines as of April 14.”

So if you read the John Hopkins University report in full if a family member tests positive, a confirmed case, then it is a presumed that all family members will get it so they are included in the total numbers of Covid-19 cases.

So you have it, you might have it, and you could probably get it are all counted so there you have three more cases! This is not my opinion but the CDC’s recommend guidelines for recognizing covid exposure.

The bigger story here is I see children with smiles, laughter, having fun… Read more »

2 years ago

And I’m just waiting for my pool to open…

2 years ago

Whether COVID-19 cases in TX are going up or not isn’t even the my main concern. The clubs that are reopening are supposed to be following strict distancing measures to make this work. My kids swims at this club, and on watching this video we both cringed!! If any parent had fears of sending their kid back to practice at this time, this video certainly did no favors in alleviating those fears. Walking in casually in large groups, masks below noses or around chins by the coaches and presenter, exchanging toys and hugs at the end! Definitely not what was communicated. In our discussions my swimmer assured me that the other club location seems to be enforcing measures more strictly,… Read more »

Reply to  NitroParent
2 years ago

Just to give you an example of what is happening in another state. Swim pool in our community does not allow anyone under 16 at the center. Everyone must make a reservation to swim laps. Everyone at the center must come in wearing a mask and wear mask on deck and keep social distance. Limited dressing use.

Randy Teeters
2 years ago

As a coach on deck that day, I would say that we recently juggled our process of entry into the deck to try to socially distance the one group coming from the one that was leaving. Unfortunately what was videoed on the way in was a result of that change and asking the kids to wait until 6:55am for entry into the deck. We started last Thursday this entry method and it caused congestion that was videoed, so we will have to review and establish the new procedures with the kids. The previous method of having the kids come in naturally when they arrived, and go wait behind their lanes worked much better. All programs will learn upon returning there… Read more »

Reply to  Randy Teeters
2 years ago

Don’t apologize!! It was a great practice. You’re a swim coach, not a space cop

Reply to  Randy Teeters
2 years ago

Definitely can see your point about there being a learning curve. I just don’t see how difficult it is for swimmers and coaches to wear mask or wear mask correctly, that seems to be the one area that doesn’t involve logistics.

Reply to  Randy Teeters
2 years ago

Thank you, Coach Randy. Very nice post and a primer how to address complaints: recognize their validity, explain why you are doing it that way, and promise to improve, without being unreasonable defensive. We love Nitro and we trust Nitro. But I do not trust 12-14 year olds. Our 13 year old is in Nitro and we decided to sit out this summer. But that was a personal choice. If I was 38 year old, I would have taken chance and she would be practicing now. But I am 100 and there is too much in stake and her not swimming for 3 months means little for her swimming future. Nitro was kind to still have her join Zoom-based dryland… Read more »

2 years ago

It does seem odd that people hear seem to think that testing is a culprit.. if there was not testing THERE WOULD BE NO CASES! Testing is the way you can see the spread. The US as a whole has thousands of new cases per day.. and this team is back in the water for 5 weeks? WTH? And why go 2 per lane if the athletes all come in together, no masks, and coach hands out the workouts? Doesn’t make any sense. Seems pretty irresponsible really.

Reply to  RBarr
2 years ago

The governors most recent press release:
Between May 26th and June 2nd, over 45% of new cases came from jails or prisons, meat packing plants and nursing homes.

Notice he didn’t list swim teams. Flatten the curve never meant drive cases to zero. It meant don’t overwhelm hospitals. Good news, they’re not overwhelmed.

Reply to  RBarr
2 years ago

Testing is not a culprit. Testing is the single most important thing we as a country can do. None of us are saying testing is bad, we’re saying testing does not tell the whole story, as there will always be untested cases, and that quantity will vary based on how many tests we give out. I personally would love it if we had the ability to test everyone in the US simultaneously, we could actually know the true numbers and really attack this thing head on, unfortunately that does not seem feasible for now.

2 years ago

Love Kerby Lane!

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Coleman Hodges

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