Picking Greg Meehan’s & Todd DeSorbo’s Brains On What It Takes To Be A Champion

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November 30th, 2020 Industry, News

Swimming podcast feature is courtesy of Champion’s Mojo, a SwimSwam partner.

The Champion’s Mojo Podcast recently did in-depth interviews with two of the nation’s top college coaches, whose teams could end up vying for the NCAA D1 Women’s Swimming and Diving title come March 2021.

Todd DeSorbo: Relentless Effort, #91 — The Champion’s Mojo Podcast

One of Todd’s Quotes from the interview: “Swimming is a hard sport. You don’t ‘play’ swimming, so anything we can do to make it fun, we will.” — Todd DeSorbo, UVA Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach

Greg Meehan: Confidence can be Built, #86 — The Champion’s Mojo Podcast

One of Greg’s Quotes from the interview: “For me life is all about people and most importantly, the people you surround yourself with” — Greg Meehan

You’ll find inspiration and motivation in the Champion’s Mojo Podcast, a weekly podcast for the swimming community, offering in-depth interviews with the most elite Swimmers and Coaches in the sport and with other experts and Champion’s to help you reach peak performances in sports and life.

Subscribe to the Champions’ Mojo Podcast today and don’t miss an episode. Hosted by Kelly Palace and Maria Parker, you can learn more about the Hosts here.

About Champion’s Mojo: Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are the hosts of the award winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, where they talk with champion guests, including over 25 Olympic Champion Swimmers and Olympic Coaches.  The Champion’s Mojo podcast discovers techniques, mindsets and new wisdom for growth and success. Not only are Kelly and Maria both world-record holding athletes, they are certified Health and Life Coaches, sisters-in-law and best friends. They are passionate about helping others achieve their goals and overcome life’s adversities. More information on them and their podcast can be found at www.ChampionsMojo.com. Champion’s Mojo is part of the CG Sports Company.

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6 months ago

Recruit the fastest kids in the country to great schools and hope they don’t get slower. There, I saved you the time to listen.

Reply to  Coach
6 months ago

Great swimmers make great coaches.

6 months ago

In September they spoke with Teri McKeever.


Gold Medal Mel Stewart
Reply to  G.O.A.T.
6 months ago

Kelly and Maria are delivering some high-level PCs. Impressive!!!!

6 months ago

GREAT coaches with great methodologies. Thank you