Physical Altercation In Asian Games Warm-up Pool


The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee has accused a female Chinese swimmer of assaulting a female South Korean swimmer during Asian Games warm-ups on Thursday, August 23rd. According to Korean news outlet Yonhap, South Korea’s Kim Hye-jin was ‘physically attacked’ by an unnamed female Chinese swimmer at the Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) Sports Arena in Jakarta, site of the ongoing Games.

Per the Korean Sport and Olympic Committee (KSOC), Kim accidentally hit the Chinese swimmer’s face, but the Chinese athlete then later kicked Kim. The pair wound up being separated by South Korean and Chinese coaches to prevent any further escalation.

As later reported in Yonhap, the Chinese staff apologized to the South Korean athletes and coaches at the scene and later visited the South Korean delegation at the athletes’ village to issue an additional apology.

“Two swimmers had quarrel after they had physical contact,” a KSOC official said. “Kim apologized first, but apparently the Chinese athlete couldn’t understand what she said and assaulted her.

“It’s something that happens frequently between swimmers during training and the Chinese player’s coach has apologized.”

Kim placed 5th in the women’s 100m back here in Jakarta.

The incident brings back the memory of Chinese champion Sun Yang‘s physical altercation with Brazilian swimmer Larissa Oliveira in the Kazan warm-up pool during the 2015 World Championships. The Brazilian coaching staff reported seeing Sun trying to kick and elbow Oliveira after a collision in the warm-up pool during prelims. SunFINA ultimately decided that no furether action was required in the incident, with president Cornel Marculescu blaming it on overcrowded pool conditions.

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Urban Liar

“I have a message for everyone involved, I’m sorry we’re in this situation.”

He said What?

Perhaps two warm-up pools are necessary now ( I know I know…the costs, the logistics, etc.) But with more countries becoming competitive and more swimmers meeting the time standards, this may be something which needs serious consideration for the safety and overall comfort of the athletes. I understand all about being “advised” about proper pool etiquette by coaches and federation officials, but in the heat of the battle, so to speak, people let their emotions rule their head. Just a thought.


Hell no. People need to learn to put their damn phones away, look someone in the eye, and say “Sorry, didn’t see you there.” Kids today have seriously under-developed social skills and etiquette.


Gimmie back my Frisbee Old Man Malarky


In all seriousness though, you’re right, people tend to spend too much time on phones, but fights for dumb reasons have been going on since before phones were even invented (among both adults and kids)


And they wont get off my damn lawn!


dont get me started on how millenials are ruining the warm up pool


First they kill applebees now this. When will it end??


Judo chop!


I shouldn’t laugh at that. But I did.


Why shouldn’t you laugh?

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