Philip Heintz smashes the German 200 IM record at German Nationals

German National Championships and World Championships Trials

Philip Heintz sets a new German record in the 200m IM during morning heats with a time of 1:56,59. He also was the previous national record holder in 1:57,48.

Heintz said at the opening press conference on wednesday that he changed his training and swam less meters (5.500 instead of 7000 per training unit), but worked on his speed in practice with more sets in race pace.

Philip Heintz is a real “Mr. Sunshine”, he always smiles, is relaxed and in a good mood  but he is a very focused athlete who concentrates on his races and he is experienced enough to work on the details with his coach Dr. Michael Spiekermann. Heintz trains at the German federal training center in Heidelberg.

The 26-old finished sixth at the 2016 Olympic Games in the 200 IM and wasn’t satisfied with this result and thought about hanging up the speedos but fortunately he decided to continue his sports career until the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

He now ranks on the 3rd position in the world ranking:


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Ex Quaker

Huge breakout swim. Not too many people in the sport’s history have been faster.

bobo gigi

WOW! In 1.56 you enter a new category.
MP was the first guy to do it when he smashed the world record in 1.56.04 in the 2003 world final in Barcelona.
I’m not 100% sure but I believe that the other guys under 1.57 are Lochte, Cseh, Brodie (magical suit), Shanteau (magical suit), Pereira, Hagino, Shun and now Heintz. Kalisz should be the next one in the list.
I just hope for Heintz that he doesn’t peak too early in the season. The 200 IM is very open at worlds.


Seto has broken 1:57 as well. This event is already developing in the absence of Phelps and Lochte. Very interesting.


1:55 is rare air, 1:54 owned by Phelps and Lochte but maybe he’ll get there soon.


Wow, he just won the final in 1:55,76! I can noz believe he’s done that!


Other results so far: Mens 50 free: 22.06 for Wierling (a bit disappointing, after his 21.81 from last year) Womens 200 free: 1:58.86 for Gose (born in 2002), at 150m she was 6th with a time of 1:29.81, so i think she didnt get the pacing right, i think she will swim 1:58 low later this year. Very close race, 4th place was 1:59.08, so the relay should be qualified. Top 2 girls were born in 2002 and 1999, so there might be some hope. Mens 200 fly: Another close race, Thomasberger is the surprising winner with 1:56.81, 3rd place was 1:57.29, top 3 all born in 1996 or later. This is probably the weakest event on the mens side… Read more »


I’d say men’s 50fr is weaker than 200fl. Wierling is .8 slower than where medals will be, and the other men are all over 1s behind. That’s a huge distance over 50s. Agree on Gose, I actually expect better than 1.58 later in the year. 1.57mid is within her capability. Maya Tobehn looks a find, too. Very versatile.


You think that it will take 21.26 to medal in mens 50 free? I think thats a bit of a stretch … If you look at the world rankings, its pretty obvious that a time of 22.06 in mens 50 free is more valuable than a time of 1:56.81 in mens 200 fly and the results at the last couple olympics and world championships support my argument. I agree about Tobehn, very new “find”. Yesterday she swam a 4:48 IM and the NEXT race (the break was 2 minutes at best) she swam a 26.48 50 fly, which was a huge PB for her, so she might go sub 1:00 here (hopefully). I think 50/100 fly and 200/400 IM will… Read more »


Sorry, i got her 50 fly time wrong, it was 26.74, still a good time and a new german age group record.


I think, with a bunch of men coalescing around 21.4, with a few youngsters between 21.3-21.5, 21.2 will be the standard in this Olympic cycle. Also on a depth standpoint, the German 200flyers are young and making strides, 50free looks quite stagnant and there isn’t much new talent. Oswald, Suck etc have been around for some years and arent really moving forward. I see hope for your 200flyers, not so much for the sprinters.


As we all know 1 great talent is enough and Wierling definitely has the potential. I think with him its the same as with many other 50/100 free swimmers, whenever they improve at one distance, they get worse at the other distance. Last year he set the german record of 21.81 at the nationals, just to bomb out of the prelims in Rio. At the same time he clearly improved his 100 free PB in Rio and i think something similar happened at the 2014 youth olympics, so lets hope that this is a good sign for his 100 free here … (Although its more likely that he took it “easier” this year, focusing on his studies). I think the… Read more »


5th faster all time now? Behind Phelps lotche cseh and Pereira?


Or 6th behind Hagino also?


8th, although i think that Morgans time of 1:55.70 from April might be “fake”. I also think that only Hagino, Phelps and Lochte have been faster without the supersuit. Shanteau, Cseh and Pereira all posted their best times in Rome in 2009.


4th fastest ever now

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