#PhelpsFace Trends Nationally on Twitter After Monster Staredown

There are game faces….and then there is Michael Phelps‘ game face.

Some 10 hours after swimming in the semi-finals of the men’s 200 fly on Monday evening at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, American swimmer Michael Phelps, who with 23 medals and 19 gold medals is the winningnest Olympian in history, is still trending nationally on Twitter. The attention is not for his performance in the pool; rather, the focus is on his performance in the ready room, where during preparations, with chief rival South African Chad le Close preparing in front of him, Phelps made a face that would make tar melt off a driveway.

Tweeted by ESPN writer Don Van Natta:

NBC analysts Rowdy Gaines and Dan Hicks were infatuated with the moment, and it’s a moment well deserving of the attention given the history of the swimmers in this angle. In 2012, Le Clos, then a young upstart, knocked off Michael Phelps in this event, both swimmers’ pet event across their careers, for the gold medal. Since then, the two have traded barbs in the media, including last summer when at different meets in the same week they swam season-best times within a tenth of each other.

After his race, Phelps said he was thinking “nothing,” he was trying not to look at Le Clos, and that he was watching the heat in front of him.


While Phelps stepped away from the pool for a time after the 2012 Olympics, he didn’t step away from his #phelpsface…see this shot from the 2013 World Championships, thanks to our amigos at SwimNerds:

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Eutaw Street Sprinters
4 years ago

Imagine walking in the ready room for your 200 Fly against MP and seeing that staring back at you.

“…For when you gaze long into the abyss…the abyss gazes also into you”

Glen Buterol
Reply to  Eutaw Street Sprinters
4 years ago

Phelps face is too gentle to be mean looking…anyway angry faces in swimming is more amusing..it’s not like you’re in danger from physical contact in other sports. Phelps is the best of all time though.

4 years ago

My favorite part about that was when he was puching his other hand lol maybe pretending it was phelps, i think chad wanted phelps to let off steam in that swim so he d be tired for tonight, but luckily the goat didnt give in

4 years ago

Michael Phelps, the entire US nation is begging you……please throw the hammer down and shut Chad le Clos up.

Reply to  Cody
4 years ago

And so does France !

Reply to  SLab
4 years ago

and Ukraine

Reply to  Alex
4 years ago

Egypt as well!

Reply to  Cody
4 years ago

And Italy !

Reply to  Cody
4 years ago

Canada hereby joins in solidarity with Phelps as well!

Reply to  Cody
4 years ago

All of Africa too, because we don’t want to piss of USA. Please keep sending those t-shirts of the losing Super Bowl team!

Stay Human
Reply to  Chadwick
4 years ago

lol hilarious

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