Phelps: “I Could Probably Go 48” in a 100m Free Against Conor McGregor

At the end of August, following the Conor McGregor – Floyd Mayweather fight, Michael Phelps jokingly tweeted at McGregor, taunting him to race in the pool.

Following up on that, NBCSports reported that Phelps delved into some details about this potential race, though he confirmed that his original joke, and the race proposal, was all in jest.

“I said it as a joke. If he wants to swim, I don’t care. I’ll race him,” Phelps said, according to The National in the United Arab Emirates. “If we did it in a year, and I trained for a year, or even six months, I could probably go 48 seconds if I had to. I don’t see him breaking a minute. So I could probably beat him with a 50-meter head start.

“I would definitely exercise the option to have a conversation if he wants to swim.”

Six months of training = a 48 second 100m free for the GOAT? It might be the closest we’ll get to Phelps coming back to the sport and racing again, but he did say that McGregor has not yet replied to Phelps’ August 29th tweet asking him to race.

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No way 6 months. Get that nugget in a jammer tomorrow I’m sure its a 48.9.

Caeleb Dressel WILL get 7 golds in Tokyo

Make sure it’s a Mizuno


Perfect comment


I think he should stop this silliness. Taking away from him a bit IMO.


Agree it makes him seem kind of sad

Coach John

… or he misses the sport and is figuratively dipping his toes back into the pool!


Let the guy be silly. He wasn’t hapoy as a stoic robot

crooked donald

SCY, maybe.

Harry Dresden

You’re such a clown. I could drop a 48 SC right now and I haven’t trained seriously in 3 years, nor was I on the sane planet as Phelps talent wise. It only took him 9 months to go 49.8 and 1:51 fly with a 1:43 2free to boot, albeit suit aided since that was 09. Still, I have no doubt he could do usrpt and eat right for 6 months and drop a 48 LC


I bet you can’t go a :48

Harry Dresden

Feel free to come down to the Oro Valley Aquatic Center pretty much any morning around 6 and I’ll throw one down for ya.


Not hard to livestream it on an app like periscope.


If you are going to call him out you should make the trip.


This would be a very impressive swim! After all, you stated in a previous article that you are a 65 year old woman. Maybe you could do a 48 for a 50 SC?

Harry Dresden

I have that Benjamin Button disease but accelerated so 2 weeks ago I was a 65 year old woman but now I’m a 26 year old man who used to be an elite swimmer and is still a mediocre one. Also I’m transgender


Seriously, this is the more interesting article. Can swimswam poster Harry Dresden go :48 in a scy 100 free? I’ll bet heavily against. Write the article swimswam. Or let me write the article.

Harry Dresden

I don’t use social media, and why would I put any effort whatsoever into proving anything to you? I don’t care what you think about anything, and I’m quite sure the only person who finds this “story” interesting is you. If you wanna come watch feel free but I’m not going out of my way


I’d like to see the video too


You called someone a clown then made a claim about something you said you can do, was just trying to give you an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is. It Could have been some easy money for you, it takes less than a minute to download periscope and have someone record you at the pool


I completely agrees Sccoach, this man “Harry Dresden” is clearly bluffing. Probably hasn’t even broken a minute

Harry Dresden

I don’t recall there being a wager. Make it worth my while


I beg to differ, I am very interested to see this event

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