Pedraza off to Russia – Open Water Swimming at the WUGs

Team USA open water swimmers competing at the World University Games in Kazan Russia have one more night of rest before they board the plane for the long trip. The 10K competition will take plance on July 17th. We had a chance to catch up with Joey Pedraza of the Davie Nadadores between training, packing and having a final dinner with some friends in Florida.

What are your travel plans for the WUG’s?

“Ok so I leave tomorrow at 10.20am. From here to Texas, then Moscow, then Kazan. And I come back the same way.

How’s training been going since nationals?

Training has been going pretty good. We took our mistakes from nationals and corrected them during training and also applied a few new things.

Have you ever been to Russia?

No I have not been to Russia before, I have only been to England outside of the USA.

What are you expecting in this race?

The competition is going to be very intresting. Because the Russian guys that going to be there got 8th at the Olympics and then one French guy won a world cup this year. So it’s going to be a very good field. The French guy is also a very good 1500 guy. But yet again, it’s open water, anything can happen. I believe that with this field I’m going to have to have to be on toes the entire time. With this field there’s no room for mistakes.


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Pinko sito

Good luck pinko sito meng


Very cool story for Pedraza with him coming over to the US from Cuba as a child and now making a USA National Team…maybe Swimswam could do a followup story?

Yoelvis Pedraza

Thank you guys.

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