Pacific Coast All-Star meet slated for Saturday, LSC rosters set

The Pacific Coast All-Star meet brings together all-star teams of age groupers from various western regions to compete for LSC bragging rights. The 2014 edition will take place at Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington this Saturday and Sunday.

The meet pits All-Star rosters from Southern California, Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Pacific regions against one another. Each team is made up of 32 swimmers – 8 boys and 8 girls from both the 11-12 age bracket and the 13-14.

You can find results for the 2014 Pacific Coast All Star meet on Meet Mobile. Competition begins Saturday afternoon. Psych sheets have been released. You can check them out here.

The full rosters can be seen below:


Southern California All-Stars

11-12 Girls – Sarah Dawson MVN

Kelli Annalyse Andrade – PST
Mila Schoenberg Fejzo – BRSC
Zephanie Alyin Koh – ROSE
Samantha May Pearson – NOVA
Ivy Ann Tran – MVN
Emily Trieu – RST
Brookelynn Grace Wesselhoff – CANY
Juliana May Witting – OCW

11-12 Boys – Jacqueline O’Hagan AZOT

Francisco Javier Cuevas-Gutierrez – DSS
Connor K Lee – SPS
Joshua Hyun Lee – CANY
Vincent Christopher Matos – SCAL
Jason Wen Schreiber – AZOT
Kevin Hau Lon Tu – NOVA
Aidan Z White – TRA
Nicolas Ray Williams – PVST

13-14 Girls – Kyle Shores CANY

Andrea Aguirre Felix – NOVA
Kathryn Anne Glavinovich – AZOT
Yvette Mi Hyun Kim – CCY
Kathryn Mary Krolikowski – AZOT
Eva Elizabeth Merrell – AZOT
Sophia Grace Morici – CANY
Alexandra Christine Skorus-Neely – CANY
Lauren Marie Vitort – NOVA

13-14 Boys – Ken Lamont NOVA – Head Coach

Ethan Scott Archer – NOVA
Jonathan Peter Bramm – GWSC
Tenny Yee-Yeung Chong – TCS
Min Zhi Chua – MVN
Hunter Reeves Hitchens – NOVA
George Paul Horvath – AZOT
Sean Alexander Messer – AZOT
Tanner Reece Olson –  CANY

Manager – Terry Merlihan


Pacific Northwest All-Stars

11-12 Girls

Isabella Battistoni
Eleanor Beers
Isabel Chien
Crystal Chong
Mandolin Nguyen
Rachel Nguyen
Tiana Varang
Emily Ward

11-12 Boys

Nolan Cleary
Ethan Dang
Nickolas Elizarov
Vladislav Elizarov
Timothy Gallagher
Kevin Houseman
Makai Ingalls
Phillip Wang

13-14 Girls

Alicia Campbell
Sophia Chien
Gabrielle Dang
Kelly Huffer
Chloe Limargo
Nicole Limberg
Jenifer Matsuda
Bindi Pedersen

13-14 Boys

Alexander Elizarov
Ivan Graham
Carter Hall
Mitchell Hovis
Brandon Leu
Garrett Waite
Alexander Wright
Brandon Yue


Oregon All-Stars

11-12 girls

Madeleine Bachand TDPS
Emma Brady BEND
Ariana Chin THSC
Kaitlyn Dobler TDPS
Megan Hager SHSC
Kate Laderoute OCST
Liza Lunina HEAT
Grace Marshall TDPS

11-12 Boys

Spencer Adrian TDPS
Caspar Corbeau THSC
Sam Donchi THSC
Anton Goswitz HEAT
Trent Martinez THSC
Nate McFaul THSC
Luke Thornbrue HEAT
Drew Turner  MHA

13-14 Girls

Jordan Ashmore TDPS
Kennedy Bright BEND
Emily Brockman BEND
Teresa Cobb BEND
Alayna Connor TDPS
Anna Despain BRSC
Marissa Kuch BRSC
Mara Newman LOSC

13-14 Boys

Andrew Chang CRST
Colby Evenson BRSC
Sam Harquail PAC
Tristan James WSC
Jaume Martinez Calvo THSC
Myron Shen THSC
Josh Yadao THSC


Pacific All-Stars

11-12 Girls

Crystal Murphy (TOC)
Lauren McCormack (TOC)
Nicole Oliva (SCSC)
Claire Suen (PLS)
Audrey Lukawski (STAR)
Suri Yu (MSJA)
Miranda Heckman (PLS)
Megan Tao (PEAK)

11-12 Boys

Nicholas Burry (DACA)
Beck Jurasius (TERA)
Donovan Chan (ONDA)
Matthew Fetterman (TERA)
Marco Tejidor (EA)
Brandon Sun (FF)
Charles Adams (UD)
Brandon Hong (SUNN)

13-14 Girls

Jenny Ma (SUNN)
Vivian Wang (SUNN)
Charlotte Meier (CROW)
Makenna Turner (CROW)
Claire Lin (PASA)
Daria Cocol (SCSC)
Cathy Teng (SCSC)
Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou (SCSC)

13-14 Boys

Jordan Fetterman (TERA)
David Noyes (SUNN)
Brian Copley (SUNN)
Alex Liang (PASA)
Adam Bouraoui (SCSC)
Daniel Marella (DACA)
Nathaniel Cunnan (MP)
Christopher Jhong (PLS)

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9 years ago

My swimmer’s list is faster than your swimmer’s list….

9 years ago

You know, lets just say congrats to the kids who attended the meet. I understand why Sophie might have been upset because the names, Hales, Qu, Willmore, Lee, Epps, Shelton, Navarro, etc. were not seen at this meet…. but not everyone might have been able to attend! Like Halathon stated, maybe some of the kids who were “expected” to attend maybe didn’t have their eyes on an All-Star meet? Or, some could have perhaps been on vacation. I can see why some of the “expected” did not attend, most likely just simply not interested in attending, or a coach perhaps did not allow the athlete to sign up… But hey.. Socal brought back the gold, so we all should be… Read more »

9 years ago

Finally a worthwhile debate…over something that also doesn’t really matter all that much.

First, congratulations to all the kids that attended, from all LSCs, I am so happy that they got the opportunity to attend the meet, I am sure the memories will always be cherished. Moreover, for many of these kids, this may be indeed the highest swim honor they will ever receive, and I recognize that because of “some of the kids mentioned above” “choosing” not to attend this year, some other child may have just experienced the highest and best swim honor of their life (from personal experience I know this is true). How cool is that?

Secondly, yes, if SoCal required All Star attendance, then… Read more »

9 years ago

Congrats to So Cal swimmers for the win!

9 years ago

This is a great opportunity for these swimmers to meet other top swimmers from the other LSC’s. When they make junior nationals and beyond, they will know some other swimmers at the national meets. It makes the sport of swimming more fun with all the different swimmers you meet at the various competitions!

Hope the swimmers have a great time!

9 years ago

Nothing to get worked up over. It’s just a fun qualifying meet with a little travel and camaraderie for some swimmers. Some LSCs and the clubs therein target this meet and some don’t. I know my son’s team is back into long hard winter workouts, targeting Far Westerns or beyond in the spring. The All-Star meet will be a tired mid-season meet for him, no shaving or anything. He texts with someone from another LSC who has been targeting and tapering specifically for this meet. One of the best kids from our LSC is in China and won’t be attending. It is still “school’s out” where we are and some are skiing too. The best 13-14 swimmer in our club… Read more »

9 years ago

Competitive swimming talent is harder to hide than it is to find in Southern California. This LSC has proven to have one of swimming’s deepest athlete talent pools. I have to agree with Coach Anderson that this is the best SoCal team based on matching competitive performance to specific events. I’m seeing on USA Swimming’s Top 10 List a couple elite 13-14 age group swimmer names (both genders) that are apart of this SoCal Team. There should be some great LSC swimming battles according to the psych sheets which should produce some excitement in Jared’s meet coverage this weekend. Sophie stated, “If you look at last years team, that team dominated, they were great.”….well it appears there is some repeat… Read more »

9 years ago

I will defend Sophie. I think she is correct in saying that Socal is not sending their “best” team. What she may not realize is many of the swimmers she mentioned probably are not focused on participating in that meet, rightly or wrongly, or she is just a Socal homer, which isn’t really a crime, as everyone knows West Coast is the best coast!

As coverage of our sport expands, thanks to Jared, Braden and others, coach/swimmer decisions may come under more scrutiny, and that is fine. The Pacific Coast All Star meet is a great meet/experience for many swimmers, but at the end of the day, the best swimmers in the country are anointed at the biggest meets, and… Read more »

About Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson

Jared Anderson swam for nearly twenty years. Then, Jared Anderson stopped swimming and started writing about swimming. He's not sick of swimming yet. Swimming might be sick of him, though. Jared was a YMCA and high school swimmer in northern Minnesota, and spent his college years swimming breaststroke and occasionally pretending …

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