“Of Soil and Water” – UK’s First Public Pond Opens

We have all heard the argument that “my pool is better than your pool”, however, the new King’s Cross Pond Club is truly in its own league.  The new facility, which is located within urban Lewis Cubitt Park outside London, England, represents the UK’s first ever man-made freshwater public pond.

The pond is both a place of fitness, as well as a work of art, having been a synergistic effort between Ooze Architects and artist Marjetica Potrc.  The pond is 40m long, oblong-shaped and sits about 2 meters above ground level.  The unique spot even has its own name “Of Soil and Water”, inviting visitors to enter the water as a means of experiential art while surrounded by wild flowers and grasses. (King’s Cross Club)

Chemical-free, the man-made pond will be purified through a natural, closed-loop process “using wetland and submerged water plants to filter and sustain clean and clear water.”  As a key feature within the urban Lewis Cubitt Park, the pond’s mission is to provide visitors and residents with a “beautiful and relaxing vantage point from where they can swim and enjoy a piece of nature.”

The pool will operate Monday to Sunday on a limited ticket basis.

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